Tuesday, December 1, 2009

...Tuesday...Guest Star Day...

In keeping up with my Mickey Mouse Club Days of the Week blogging attempt, today is Guest Star Day.  Hmmmm...I am not sure what to do with this one...maybe feature a blog that I follow???  Maybe feature some frriends that I follow on Twitter/Facebook???  Don't know.

I have to do something that keeps my mind off of the (lack of) weight loss this week...to keep my mind off of the bills that are piling up while DH's work is slowing...to keep my mind off of the mess that can be my life sometimes....

Today's "Guest Star" is...Lou Mongello.  If you don't follow this man on Twitter/Facebook...do so!!!  He is awesome!!!  Lou is the founder of WDW Radio, http://www.wdwradio.com/.  One of the best podcasts devoted to all things Walt DisneyWorld.  Of course, right now it is the only podcast that I can devote to listening to, but it is very well loved by many.  He also has his hand in Celebrations magazine, to which I subscribe (my Darling Brother gave me a subscription last Christmas).  www.celebrationspress.com/

I blatantly copied this from the wdwradio website...just a bio on Mr. Mongello.  Hope you enjoy, and if you are a Disney fan (or Disney "Nerd" as I like to refer myself as)...please check out his website or podcasts.  I am working my way through each and every podcast from the beginning while I work out.  He (though he does not know it) is helping me in an indirect way reach my weight loss goals and my goal to walk/run the WDW Family Fun 5k in January 2011.  For that, I thank him immensely.

About the Author, Lou Mongello

My first trip to Walt Disney World - November, 1971

Who wrote the Walt Disney World Trivia Book?

Louis Mongello has been fascinated by Walt Disney World throughout his more than 130 visits, and in the process learned everything he could about the history, secrets and inner workings of the resort. He is an attorney who also owned an information technology consulting and web development firm. He was recently the IT Director for a multi-modality medical imaging company in Edison, NJ.

Louis holds a bachelor's degree in Sociology from Villanova University and a Juris Doctor from Seton Hall University School of Law. He served as law clerk to the Presiding Judge of the largest vicinage in the nation, and practiced law actively for 9 years. In 1995, he formed Imagine Enterprises, a computer consulting and web development firm. In 1999, the web site he developed for his company was voted as one of the 10 best in the state by New Jersey Monthly magazine. He is also a member of the national, New Jersey and World Chapters of the NFFC, the national Disneyana fan club, and is a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge (a comprehensive course that allows travel agents to develop their expertise regarding the Disney Destinations) and is a Disney Specialist (Disney Specialist indicates a travel professional with special knowledge of Disney Destinations. Not an agent, affiliate or employee of Disney).

Prior to writing the Walt Disney World Trivia Book, in 1990, Louis wrote, edited, self-published and marketed two editions and printings of "The DJ Handbook: A Complete Manual for the Beginning and Expert DJ," which he promoted and sold through trade publications. Additionally, in 1994, he wrote the authoritative manual for law clerks to Superior Court judges for the largest county in New Jersey, which is still in use today.

At the exact same spot in Walt Disney World - February, 2004

Having been a reference source for friends and family planning trips to Walt Disney World for a number of years, he thought he should do something with all of the "useless knowledge" he had accumulated about his favorite vacation destination. So, the idea for the book was formulated out of personal interest in some of the lesser-known facts about the parks, general Walt Disney World trivia, and the "magic" that drives tens of millions adults and children on recurring pilgrimages to the resort.

Throughout his ongoing research into this project, Louis continues to add to his already vast collection of Walt Disney World memorabilia, including rare documents outlining Walt Disney's original plans for his Florida project, dozens of books and articles about the parks, and materials only available to Walt Disney World Cast Members. Having spent countless hours pouring over text, video and images of Walt Disney World from construction to the present day, old property maps, and information about attractions which no longer exist, Louis continues to be fascinated by Walt Disney World trivia.

A message from the author...

I sincerely hope that you have as much fun reading this book as I did researching and writing it. I hope not only to enhance your love for WDW, but to spark your interest in what makes the magic really happen. Strangely enough, I find the more I learn about how Disney creates its wonderful effects and the extraordinary efforts Imagineers and Cast Members go through to make WDW so special, the more magical it becomes for me. I am still amazed at how things work, how my emotions are tapped, and how I always leave WDW with a smile on my face.



Have a Wonderful, Disney Day Friends!!!

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