Friday, May 14, 2010

...been awhile...

Yes, has been awhile since I sat and put my fingers to the keys...a lot has been going on in my little world.  A lot that I have been struggling with. 

First and foremost, the staying at home thing.  All was a-go...until Mike looked closely into adding me and Little Man to his health insurance.  He thought it was $338 a month...a little spendy, but we could manage.  Nope, he looked closer and talked to someone in his benefits department...he was wrong.  It was going to be $338 a PAYCHECK.  Yes folks, almost $700 a month to for health insurance.  At that point, my world crumbled and Mike broke the news to me that we would not be able to afford for me to stay at home (and go back to school).  I slipped into quite a funk.  I said that I couldn't stay at my job for another year.

~ side note ~ I often refer to us giving ourselves a year's deadline...that is just our own deadline...nothing quite hard and steadfast...just figure it is enough time to pack up the house and get everything in order...all while Little Man is in we know what to expect for him in elementary school in the event that we do move...we know where he is school-wise...

So, I was in a funk...very upset that our plans, which were SO close to coming to fruition were just yanked from underneath me.  I was so close to quitting, I could taste it!!!  I would be home for Little Man when he needed me...I would be going back to school to get my degree to better my family's future...I was going to be HAPPY.

Mike has been reworking the numbers...and it is going to take some dipping into savings, and being close to broke, but we are going to make it happen.  Not right away, but it will happen...closer to August.  Maybe September.  We are kinda undecided about that...we just want for me to contunue working for awhile to sock some more away in savings...

If this does not work out, and we fall flat on our faces, we ARE Florida bound.  For whatever reason, Mike thinks things will be better if we move back.  I am not 100% sold, but am excited about being closer to Disney again...heck, maybe even working for Disney again.  We won't make our millions that way, but we sure were happy.

*sigh* a girl can dream, right?!?!?  :)

Love to All.