Sunday, June 26, 2011

...okay, so I took a couple of MONTHS off!!! last post was over two months ago, oh my!!!  A lot has happened.  Right around the time that I stopped writing, I began working more hours at the school.  This time, I was working one-on-one with a little girl in a preschool classroom.  I worked from 6:30 am - 8:00 am with the preschool group, and then 8:00 am - noon as a one-on-one.  It was so very rewarding, but so very exhausting!!!  Four year old little girls have a LOT of energy!!!

My little preschool friend, Miss M is in need of a little extra help.  I only get bits-and-pieces, but she has been diagnosed with something, and qualifies for services from the school district next year.  From my un-trained "Mommy-eye", something tells me she is on the Spectrum.  She is bright and well-spoken, just awkward socially (they brought me in because of aggressiveness toward other classmates, originally), very into routine and is kind of a loner.  Miss M reminds me of Little Man when he started preschool.

Of course, hanging out with Miss M makes me realize just how far Little Man has come.  It is amazing and inspiring.

I was working a pretty good amount, more than I was certainly used to...and like I said, four year olds have a lot of energy!!!  Some days, I would come back to school and work from 2:45 pm - 5 pm.  Combine this, with the schedule of activities that Little Man and were already keeping...and I was exhausted.  I was also falling deeper and deeper into depression.  I am not sure why...maybe I was feeling overwhelmed.  I am not certain.  I am slowly, SLOWLY coming out of it...I need to see a new psychiatrist...I must really need to be on some sort of medicine.  I freaked out so badly with the last one that I was on, that it kind of scared me about any of them.  This is something that I will work on.

When school let out, I was working 40 hours a week...yes, 40 hours!!!  That quickly changed once they realized that we did not have as many kids enrolled as anticipated.  I am working about 32-ish hours right now.  It is about perfect.

I have also been offered to work with Miss M once school starts in August.  This is good (I get more hours, and would be off work when the kids are out of school) and bad (when she goes to kindergarten, I am out of a job, and not guaranteed a position after that).

This got us to thinking.  If I am "out of work" this time next year, it sure would be easy to move back to Florida.

Yes, we talk about this all. of. the. time.

This time, it may be for real.

More on that later, I am tired.

Love to All.