Friday, February 15, 2013

...Now it's Time to Say Goodbye...

In addition to slacking in my blogging, I was neglecting the Disney Parks InsidEARS site, as well.

Apparently, many InsidEARS were.

The site is closing.  This week.

I am honored that I was chosen to be part of the Beta Testing program over the past year.  I was invited 2/10/12.  Something told me to log in yesterday, and I am glad that I did.  There was an "important announcement for InsidEARS" announcing the end of the program.

In the release, posted at 12:07 pm by "admin", it reads:

February 2013
Greetings from Disney Parks,
We appreciate you taking an active role in our Beta Test of the Disney Parks InsidEARS program.  During the testing phases, we met new friends and enjoyed seeing, hearing and sharing your enthusiasm about Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort.
As we move forward with our Disney Parks social channels, we have decided to discontinue the Disney Parks InsidEARS program, effective this week.
As digital media evolves worldwide, Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort have become active in more and more online channels.  Two of the newest examples are our parks’ presence on Pinterest and Tumblr.  Combined with the continued growth of the Disney Parks Blog, the Disney Parks Moms Panel, the parks’ Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, we’re seeing a renaissance of sorts in the online world.
Each day we’re finding new online ways we can communicate with you, our Guest.  There are more specialized Twitter feeds for various areas of Disney Parks than ever before, and our family of individual & specialized Facebook pages has grown to include everything from pixie-dusted endurance races to attractions featuring 3-D space adventures.  Not to mention specific feeds for fans of Disney Cruise Line, Disney Vacation Club and more.
Our Disney Parks social and digital efforts are still growing.  With our current and future plans, the original goals of the InsidEARS program will be met (and hopefully exceeded) with these channels and new opportunities.
While the InsidEARS program is coming to a close at this time, we hope you will stay active with our social and digital media channels – and perhaps be introduced to some you may not have yet visited.  We appreciate your support and for taking part in this program.
So until next time, as the song goes: “…see you real soon!”

I am all right with this.  The news was the same as you could read at the Disney Parks BlogThe discussion boards seemed a little clunky, and a bit outdated.  While I don't participate in a lot of the Disney Fan Community Boards {for personal reasons}, I will continue to support and share my love of ALL things Disney via Pinterest, Facebook, and twitter.  Until the site is completely gone, I will proudly display my InsidEARS badge.

Just some snapshots of my Disney Parks InsidEARS profile.

Are there any Disney Fan communities you are an active part of???  Why do you like them???  Would you recommend them to a Disney-newbie??? {an important question, I believe...would they be nice to someone who is not "experienced" in all-things-Disney-Parks???}  What Disney blogs do you follow???

Love to All

Thursday, February 14, 2013

...Short, Sweet and To the Point...


My goal to blog every day tanked. 


Life got in the way. 

I am trying to find the balance.  It is getting better.  It is getting easier.

My little business is taking off like wild.  It, however, is consuming a LOT of my time.

I am finally getting the ball rolling on my travel planning business!!!  I love it!!!  I actually purchased a domain last week{!!!} 

My mother's health has been iffy over the past month.  She had surgery just this morning.  She was hospitalized in mid-January, and I don't think she has fully recovered.  I am NOT ready for my parents to age.

While Big Daddy's inheritance from his mother is a blessing, the tax headache involved is a nightmare.  I don't know how if we'll recover.

That being said, January through April are always rough for us, finance-wise.  This year, is particularly hard.  I think it is the combination of my cut in hours, which led us to have to pay {out of Big Daddy's paycheck} to insure Little Man and myself. 

It was *so* nice when Big Daddy and I were both full time employees of the same school district!!!

Big Daddy has taken on a second job.

Yep.  He is working 16 hour days, three days a week.

I love that he has stepped up for our family.  I hate that he has to do it, though.

Little Man is doing okay.  I am not going to candy-coat it.  His anxiety is off the charts.

I blame myself.

I blame the fact that therapy is $85 {AFTER insurance} for a forty-five minute session.  Once a week, it adds up.  Insurance stinks.  Once we meet the d*mn deductible, he can go back.  Until then, I can't afford to pay full price.  He loves his therapist, and I hate that it is so expensive. 

I see him slipping back.

Yep.  That is just the tip of the iceberg.  There is SO much more going on, but that is what I am limiting myself to this evening.  I have to set limits, or I begin to let things consume me.

I am setting a realistic expectation when it comes to blogging.  I. Can't. Do. It. Every. Day.


I am going to do my best, and if it isn't an every day thing, then it isn't.  I am all right with that.  Hopefully it will bloom into something bigger and better, but for now I am content.

Love to All.