Thursday, February 14, 2013

...Short, Sweet and To the Point...


My goal to blog every day tanked. 


Life got in the way. 

I am trying to find the balance.  It is getting better.  It is getting easier.

My little business is taking off like wild.  It, however, is consuming a LOT of my time.

I am finally getting the ball rolling on my travel planning business!!!  I love it!!!  I actually purchased a domain last week{!!!} 

My mother's health has been iffy over the past month.  She had surgery just this morning.  She was hospitalized in mid-January, and I don't think she has fully recovered.  I am NOT ready for my parents to age.

While Big Daddy's inheritance from his mother is a blessing, the tax headache involved is a nightmare.  I don't know how if we'll recover.

That being said, January through April are always rough for us, finance-wise.  This year, is particularly hard.  I think it is the combination of my cut in hours, which led us to have to pay {out of Big Daddy's paycheck} to insure Little Man and myself. 

It was *so* nice when Big Daddy and I were both full time employees of the same school district!!!

Big Daddy has taken on a second job.

Yep.  He is working 16 hour days, three days a week.

I love that he has stepped up for our family.  I hate that he has to do it, though.

Little Man is doing okay.  I am not going to candy-coat it.  His anxiety is off the charts.

I blame myself.

I blame the fact that therapy is $85 {AFTER insurance} for a forty-five minute session.  Once a week, it adds up.  Insurance stinks.  Once we meet the d*mn deductible, he can go back.  Until then, I can't afford to pay full price.  He loves his therapist, and I hate that it is so expensive. 

I see him slipping back.

Yep.  That is just the tip of the iceberg.  There is SO much more going on, but that is what I am limiting myself to this evening.  I have to set limits, or I begin to let things consume me.

I am setting a realistic expectation when it comes to blogging.  I. Can't. Do. It. Every. Day.


I am going to do my best, and if it isn't an every day thing, then it isn't.  I am all right with that.  Hopefully it will bloom into something bigger and better, but for now I am content.

Love to All.

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