Friday, December 4, 2009

...Friday...Talent Roundup Day...Woah?!?!?

...Man...what was Mr. Walt Disney thinking when he came up with these crazy themed days???

Well, I have given some thought to talent.

I have none. :)

I have many goals here along my journey. My first 10%, I plan on getting another piercing in my ear. Did I mention that before I worked for Disney, I had nine tiny silver hoops in my right ear and seven in my left??? Don't ask me why I was lopsided. Right now, all of the cartilige holes have closed up, the first two holes in my earlobe remain open. Right after Michael was born, I got another cartilige piercing in my right ear. I really want to celebrate my goals by doing something that brings back a little of the old me.

I have to take babysteps. As I have said many times, I did not gain this weight overnight and I am not going to lose it overnight. I still have a way to go before my ultimate goal is reached. For years, I said I would celebrate reaching goal by a) going to Las Vegas (I have never been) and b) going to the Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company to get a shirt. I used to watch the show "Inked" on A&E religiously. a) I like tattoos. I think they are fascinating. My ex-boyfriend used to have several. I never thought less of him because of them. Tattoos and piercings, those are my things. b) Carey Hart (Pink's husband, ex-husband???) is co-owner of the shop and he is freak-ing HOT. If I ran into him, I would probably fall over.

What does this have to do with Talent, you ask??? Well, I think that these tattoo artists are some of the most talented people on earth. They really ARE, because I want to go to Hart & Huntington someday, I would lik to pay homage to these TALENTed artists!!!

Anyway, I figure...when I reach my ultimate goal...why stop at just the shirt??? Maybe get a tattoo. Woah. Something meaningful, of course...Michael's name...I have time to think about what I would want. Do I take the trip with my husband, or do I go with my girlfriends???

So, I have added a link to a video on youtube of Carey Hart giving a quick tour of their new shop at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. He also has a nightclub there called Wasted Space. When I reach goal, I am SO out, I'm back!!!

Goals I have set so far...

Try to work out four out of seven days a week...

10% another piercing...

Jan. 2011, participate in the WDW Family Fun 5K (walk, run, I'm not sure)...

When I reach 185 lbs. lost, trip to Las Vegas, stay at Hard Rock Hotel, go to Wasted Space, visit Hart & Huntington, come home with a shirt...maybe more...

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