Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So Monday was Tuesday's Post...and today's is Monday's post...

Confusing, huh???  :)  I started my Tuesday "Guest Star" day post Sunday evening.  I knew it was going to be fairly detailed, so I started it early.  So, Monday was supposed to be "Fun With Music" Day.  No, I did not workout today (DON'T get me started on this...I have been housecleaning for the better part of 8 hours!!!) so there is no shuffle.  I was supposed to get together with girlfriends this evening...and these are two women that I have known since I was 11 years old...and music was always a very important part of our lives.  I was hoping to do a little write up about that.  When it comes to music, I did listen to http://www.reedycreekradio.com/ while cleaning today.  Great internet radio station that is devoted to music from the parks.  I listened for the first time today.  I was pretty impressed.  I will definitely be tuning in again!!!

Love to All.

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