Sunday, December 6, 2009 weight loss journey in photos part one... this is WAAAAAYYY scary for me.  Posting FULL BODY photos of myself for all the world to see.  Yikes.  I am scared.  I am not ready to give my numbers out yet...but I will say that I am down 20 lbs since starting FOR GOOD this time back in September. 

*** disclaimer ***

I swear I do not normally wear black leggings (that appear shiny in ALL THE WRONG places) and a short red t-shrit...but I figured close fitting clothes would show the extent of my...extent of my girth to all of you.

Here is the view from the front...

I swear, I am taller than this picture makes me appear.  I am 5"10-ish (close to 5"11)

Here is the view from my left...

The next one is my "favorite".  It is called Gawd help us is from the back...

I love how my leggings look shiny.  Yes, there is spandex in them but they are a "matte" black color...or so I thought.  Apparently spread across my *ss makes them shiny...  I have only worn these under a denim skirt or a grey jersey dress.  Despite how it may appear in these photos, I think I am a pretty snappy dresser; for years I have had to be creative about how to keep people from noticing the weight, so I dress nicely and usually make sure my hair and makeup are right.

The final photo is captured from my right side.

Pretty scary sights for all to see, but yes...I DID put them out there and to me, that is a step in the right direction.  I plan on updating them the first Sunday of each month.  Hopefully I can keep up with this.

Love to all.


  1. I am SO SO SO SO Proud of you for making yoruself accountable! It is a HARD thing putting yourself out there like you have but you have embraced it and are looking at it head on! Just think that once you lose what you want you can look back and SAY WOW!! Look what I did for not just me but for LittleMan, Hubs and the soon to be little girl that you will name after your favorite Florida Disney Fan ;) xxooxxoo Lots of Love and I am VERY proud of you!!!

  2. Good for you!! Just think how awesome those pics are going to look a few months down the road :D