Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday...Guest Star Day...

I was trying to get this up and running last night...but it did not happen. 

Today is Guest Star Day.  I will focus on those who inspire me most on my journey...my family...

First Up...My Dear Husband, Mike.  We met thisclose to ten years ago.  I had moved to Florida to work for the Mouse...he was working at Disney-MGM Studios at the "brand new" Pin Trading Cart...he helped start up Pin Trading at the Studios...well, it was the obsession over those pins that brought us together, in a way...

It was Christmas Eve 1999...my dear friend Pam and I had no family in the area, and at that point, no boyfriends (I just had a bad breakup with a boyfriend and she was single)...but we had each other.  We had a lovely dinner with other CMs from the World of Disney that evening at O'hana at the Polynesian Resort.  We then headed to Epcot for Illuminations. 
The rest of the group went on their way home, but Pam and I did not want to head home...I think we were trying to avoid the reality that we were miles away from HOME on Christmas Eve.  She and I decided to head to the Studios to see a 11 pm showing of Fantasmic!  I had been picking up a lot of OT at Tower/Coaster/Fantasmic! so I could snag us a good seat, I knew enough people...turns out, not a lot of people were at the Studios at 11 pm on Christmas Eve!!!  We were a handful of people who were actually taking in the show, so we all got good seats!!!

We were strolling knd of leisurely down Hollywood Blvd. towards the exit...I had to stop at Sweet Spells/Beverly Sunset for a "Monster Marshmallow"...one of those ungodly marshmallow concotions double dipped in chocolate and covered in M&Ms...that is the name that we gave them.  Anyway, we approached the corner of Hollywood and Sunset, where the Pin Trading Station was.  I thought I would stop and get my brother a couple of these coveted Monorail 1971 and Monorail 2000 Pins.  He was back home, a Disney Nerd like me and 11...so he was all over Pin Trading when he had visited in November, thanks to the Cast Exclusive Pins I had snagged for him.

Anyway, I got to talking to the CM (who happened to be Mike from Ft. Lauderdale, FL) and we got to talking about pins and he noticed I was a CM (since I was getting my discount, I had to hand him my yellow ID card) and we talked about how we liked it...just general chit-chat.

Went home that night, pins in hand...no big thing.  Didn't think much of it, until I went to work a few weeks later.  I was not working at WoD that evening, they needed an engraver at the Studios.  Back in the day, WoD had an engraving station, and I was fortunate enough to be trained to engrave.  It was Marathon weekend, and Guests wanted their medals engraved...WoD was fully staffed...Studios needed help.  Of course I volunteered...I was already familiar with a lot of people from the Studios, so I felt very comfortable there. 

I worked with quite a few wonderful women at that shop that weekend...they had many years of service with the company, and they all reminded me of my mother!!!  Anyway, they kept telling me how nice I was, how sweet I was, how polite I was...and that I needed to meet Mike.  These crafty ladies arranged for us to take lunch together and the rest is history!!!

Mike proposed July of 2002 in front of Sorcerer Mickey, we married in October of 2003, had Little Man August of 2004.  We took Michael to MGM for his first birthday, where he met Sorcerer Mickey for the first time!!!  I have photos of the engagement (in front of 100 strangers, I tell you!!!) somewhere...the ones the (not called this back then) PhotoPass people take for you...I'll have to dig them up...in the meantime, I have plenty of Little Man!!!

So, my Guest Star today is my Dear Husband.  He puts up with me good and bad, been with me through thick and thin.  He loves me unconditionally, and I can honestly say I love him the same way. 

Love to All.

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