Tuesday, December 15, 2009

...Tuesday...Guest Star Day...

...Tuesday...Guest Star Day...in keeping up with My MMC Days of the Week Blogging Theme, today is Guest Star Day.  I have featured the fabulous Lou Mongello and my DH Mike.  Today, I will focus on the most important star of my life, Little Man.  Michael Anthony Pagnotti II.

Michael was an unexpected surprise.  We knew we wanted a baby, but we were not thinking so soon after we were married.  Mike and I were married 10/11/03 and Michael was born 8/17/04.  I did not want to find out the gender of the baby...I am very old fashioned that way.  There was nothing like hearing my DH tell me it's a boy!!! 

Michael has always been a source of great joy...not only to Mike and I, but to our whole family.  He is the first grandchild and great grandchild. 

 (Little Man and GreatGrandma Frye his second Christmas December 2005)

Much of the reason why we stay in the Saint Louis area is because of my family.  I grew up one of 27 grandchildren total on both sides.  So far, it is just Michael and AJ...little Peanut will be born in June...but Michael is growing up in a much smaller family than I did.

Michael was such a happy, quiet baby...he really gave me no problems.  He slept through the night before I went back to work at 12 weeks.  He seemed to be developing normally, until he hit about 18 months.  I know that there is some debate about vaccinations and their link to autism...but I really don't know a hwole lot about that, nor do I really have an opinion of it...do I think the timing is something to consider...absolutely.  I am not educated enough about it to form an opinion.

Michael suddenly lost all speech that he had. He had quite the little vocabulary...Mama, Dada, Mimi, Dordee (for Dorothy), cookie, yummee, doggie, etc. He seemed agitated easily and did not smile as much.  He seemed withdrawn and did not want to be touched or cuddled.  We had Parents as Teachers visiting since he was tiny, so we voiced our concerns to not only our PAT teacher, but his pediatrician at his checkup. Everything swung into high gear very quickly...head-spinningly quickly. Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, neurologists, doctors, tests...everything...so quick. It was a blur. It took forever, and a team on our side that worked and fought hard for my Little Man.

Everyone said Aspergers.  Huh???  What is that???  Well, we got the official diagnosis AFTER his fourth birthday!!!  Even though I had plenty of time to process it, the diagnosis hit me like a ton of bricks.  I had already started having issues coping with Michael's routnes...his need for order and the tantrums that he had if things did not go the way he thought they should...or if he did not like the way things were going.  Mike was working evenings, so it was just me, Little Man and the routines.  I had already been put on medication for anxiety attacks.  Next up...antidepressants.  What did I do to make Michael this way???  What did I do wrong??? Was I a bad mother???

Michael started pre-K at the tender age of three.  I could not believe that I was sending my tiny baby on a BIG HUGE school bus.  He was potty trained at that point, but he still wore pullups.  He was still just a baby.

First Day of School Age 3First Day of School Age 4

First Day of School Age 5  He didn't need Mommy much anymore!!!

Michael has made great strides.  He is speaking clearly, not needing routune so much and not so sensory sensitive...but we still have a way to go.  Every day is an adventure, and every day it is my job to give that Little Man 100 Kisses.  Today, I think I will give that Little Guy an extra squeeze and 100 more kisses for good measure.  You never know what direction life may take you.

Love to All.

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