Tuesday, December 1, 2009

...weight loss efforts...thwarted???

...so yesterday, I blogged about those who try to sabotage my weight loss efforts...maybe I am too sensitive, but I really crave the support from those who I love and rely on.  Welll, today is Tuesday...Weigh In day.  Usually WI day does not bother me, especially when I think I had a great OP week.  I ROCKED last week...worked out, ate right...EVEN on Thanksgiving...but I gained 1.2 lbs. I know, it may not seem like a lot to everyone...but it is HUGE to me.  Huge.  This scale should NOT be going up.

I am not going to let this derail me.  I am not going to let this stop me.  Today is another day, another start to a new week. Tracking is key...earning APs is key...8HGs are key...keep on keepin' on is my new motto...nothing is going to stop me now!!!  I will defeat this monster...I will slay this beast.  I will lose this weight.  I have to...it is not just for me, but for my DH, my Little Man and the baby that we want to make our family complete.  It HAS to be done.  Just 15-20 more pounds.  I HAVE to do this.

DH is supposed to take a "before" picture of me.  I was hoping to get it taken today, but we ended up housecleaning!!!  I am shooting for Saturday, the next time I will see him for any length of time (I hate our work schedules!!!).  It is not a TRUE "before" picture because I have been so camera shy lately.  It is about 20 lbs lighter than my highest weight.  I figure it is a pretty good starting point...better than nothing, right!!!

Love to all...

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  1. Girly.... I think you are AMAZING!!!!! I know that that 1lb and a hlaf seems like a lot but please dont let that get out down!!! I Love You LOTS and Know that you will hit your goal and when you have another little baby that 1lb and a hlaf wont mean anything!!!! xxooxxooxxoo