Monday, November 30, 2009


I just have to wonder why some people, who I love dearly, try to sabotage my weight loss efforts???

Yes, I had to pay homage to the great Beastie Boys...

In all seriousness, I have to wonder why people who supposedly love me and are supposed to support me try to thwart my efforts.

"You should pull your shirt down, you can still see your stomach." ~ Well, DUH...I did not gain this stomach overnight.  This stomach has been up and down and has housed my dear son.  It has been stretched to it's limit.  I am sorry that it did not disappear like magic.  Poof!!! It's gone.  I am also sorry that, while trying to balance my oversized purse, son's backpack and two presents...while trying to remove my jacket you may have seen a tiny bit of flesh.

"20 lbs???  That's it???" ~ Ummm...have you seen what 20 lbs looks like???  I did a Google search and learned that 20 lbs of quarters equals $400.  Hello.  80 quarters = one pound.  80 quarters x 20 lbs lost = 1600 quarters.  4 quarters in a dollar / 1600 quarters = $400.  Take that one to the bank.

Those are just a couple of the things that have had me thinking lately.  I am stronger than that.  I am going to overcome the negativitiy (sp???).  I am going to beat this demon.  I am going to win. 

I know these people love me, but I have to figure out why they can't handle my weight loss.  Are they comfortable with who I am???  Because I certainly am not.

Love to all...

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