Wednesday, November 25, 2009

did a not-a-morning-person become a morning person???, not really...I am just a morning person today.  Yeah, not thinking that is going to happen much again.  DH had to be at work at the ungodly hour of we both set alarms to start going off at 4, thinking that he would wake up at 445 at the earliest/latest!!!  Nope, we were both up and ready to go.  Of course, I tried really, really hard to go back to sleep...that did ot happen.  I did stay in bed for another hour or so and read, then I got up for my day.  I ate a decent, protein fueled breakfast (two hardboiled eggs, and Arnolds Thin and a medium bananna).  I actually was able to get ready the way I should...not rushing around!!!  I was able to take my time in the shower...really wash and condition my hair and shave my legs (whoo-hoo!!!).  I properly moisturized my face and body and took my time in applying my makeup.  I was able to dry and straighten my hair...even touched up my nails (my current color is UpTempo Plum, which is a very dark...almost black purple...very not Disney...could not have worn it during my CM days!!!).  It is a quick dry polish, and since it is so dark it shows wear and tear even with a topcoat!!!  I can't believe how fabulous I look (not to toot my own horn or anything...).

So glad that my Little Man's barber (who is like 60-something and has been my Daddy's barber for like 40 years) and the teens working the counter at the donut shop were able to appreciate my efforts in how awesome I look.   ;)

Weigh in was yesterday...managed to lose two pounds.  I am pleased.  My body has been so messed up lately...I am especially worried with the new meds...but I am going to be dilligent about tracking.  I am not worried about tomorrow being Thanksgiving...I don't like most of the I don't indulge too much.  I do like a good slice of Pumpkin Pie, so I will treat myself to that.  I have to stay on plan, I must contunue to work out, I must track, get my 8HGs in.I must be dilligent.  I have to be.  I NEED to lose those 15-20 lbs.  I have to.  This is almost the end of the road, baby-wise.  I am scared.  I think time is running out.  Doc thinks I will be okay, but I worry.  That is just me. 

Anyway, I have played on the computer long it is time to get moving.  Lots of stuff to get done today.  Heck, it is one month until Christmas.  Let me get through Thanksgiving and then concentrate on the decorating, shopping, tree-trimming, picture-taking, housecleaning that will be the next thirty days!!!  Oh yeah, throw in Michael, Mike, work, Michael's school, doctors appointments, and the whole gamut in...The next thirty days will be a blur!!!

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