Sunday, November 22, 2009

...better weekend...short and sweet..

...better weekend overall...feeling better with my change in meds...but still not sure of my sleeping pill.  I won't be taking it this evening...I can't afford 10+ hours of sleep when I have to work tomorrow!!! 

Suckiest part of the weekend was the speeding ticket that I received on my way home from my cousin's 11th birthday party.  To my defense...I was in a pack of cars, keeping pace...trying to pull over acutally because Little Man had a nosebleed and was screaming and kicking.  Whatever.  What's done is done and I can't do much to change it.  Little Man's jacket looks like something out of a horror movie.

Best part of the evening is that my parents announced that yes, my sister is getting married at Walt Disney World.  She is getting married in September.  I am excited to start planning my trip.  Whoo-hoo!!!  I am very excited.

More on Monday...have to work tomorrow... *sigh*

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