Friday, November 20, 2009

...I really am not cranky...I am thankful...

Yes, I am glad that I have a job that affords me insurance that allows me to see the doctor of my choice who tries to solve the puzzle that is me. 

I am glad that I have a precious son who cries at the movie "Up" with me...for different, because Carl lost Ellie in the first ten minutes of the movie; Little Man because he thinks Kevin "the girl bird" is stuck on the blimp or Carl loses his house...technically, Carl does lose the house...but it really ends up happy...

I am thankful that I have a husband that supports me, who loves me for who I am and allows me to follow my dreams.  Someday, when I figure out what those dreams are exactly, then I will figure out how exactly to follow them.

I am thankful that I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food in my belly (albeit too much sometimes). 

I am thankful that my Little Man ticks the way he does...he is a unique individual...we all are...we all have our own ways of working.  His way may not be like yours or mine...but it works.  It makes him the wonderful kid he is...I would not trade him for the world...he has learned to cope a different way than I do...and for that, I admire him.  He is a stronger little boy than I give him credit for, sometimes.

I am thankful that Mike and I are both working.  We may not love our jobs, but we can count on them.   Someday I hope to be doing the job that I WANT to do (work with special needs preschoolers) and not what I HAVE to do (be a teller) to pay the bills.

I am thankful for my crazy, looney, one-of-a-kind, closely weird family.  I am not sure where or what I would be without their love and support.

I really, really dislike how I look in this pic.  Really.  I hate photos of myself.  *disclaimer* I have lost weight since these pics were taken.  I hate that shirt, I hate my pants, I hate my hair.  Even hate my glasses.  Things have changed.  They have changed for the better.  I hope.

This is supposed to be a blog about things I am thankful sorry for the above photo bitch.

I am thankful for friends who have stuck by me through thick and thin (literally).  Some of us have gone back as far as 25 years...24 years, 22 years and 12 years.  I have not made such close friends since.  We span the globe, from Dallas, to Boston, to KC, to Florida, one still here in the Lou and one in (!!!) Antarctica!!!  I wish we could see each other more often...but the distance can't change my love for these ladies.

I should look at what I have and be happy with that.  I really am.  It is hard to think of everything that I am thankful for.  I really should work on that.  And I will.

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  1. I forget on a daily basis to remember what I am thankful for.... You did a great job!!!! xxooxxoo