Saturday, November 14, 2009

...another goal (aka another spinning plate)

...okay, so we have determined that I have all sorts of stuff going on in my life...Little Man, DH, work, weight loss, disorganization, crap, etc. etc. etc.  Well.  I have been focusing on getting a little more activity while on my weight loss journey.  I am starting every other day.  That is it.  I am working on walking about 45-60 minutes every other day.  Heck, it is about 44-60 minutes of activity MORE than I was getting a year ago.

You know I am an admitted "Disney Nerd", and you probably know, I am listening to Lou Mongello's WDW Radio podcast everytime I walk.  This is for the Disney Dreamer/wisher/nerd/fan in me.  They are quite inspiring.  I am listening to them from the very beginning I have just finished podcast #4 dated 3/4/07!!!  He is now on podcast #144!!!  I have a way to go...some are shorter, a little less than an hour..but most are closer to TWO hours!!!  I will have to break those in half!!! 

Anway, they one that I listend to today talked A LOT about the Walt Disney World Marathon held every January.  No way in hell am I going to be anywhere near ready for a marathon anytime soon...BUT I have set a goal for myself.

I am going to shoot for the WDW 5K in January 2011.

A girl can dream, right???  Even if it is to walk the 5K, I am going to DO IT!!!  I then MIGHT work on the 1/2 marathon...and then perhaps the full marathon.  Heck, even if I walk the 5K every year until they put me in the ground, then I will have met a goal...finally!!!

I can't let myself fail.  I can't tell myself that "be real, have only walked for three days, you are going to fail..."  I can do this and I WILL do this. 

Nothing is gonna stop me now!!!

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