Tuesday, November 10, 2009

...I am a "Disney Nerd" and proud of it!!!

I love all things Disney, especially Disney Trivia. I used to be pretty good at it...but now that part of my brain is a little dusty. I used to read Dave Smith's "Disney A-Z" cover to cover. When The Disney Stores transferred me to Walt Disney World years ago (many more than I care to admit) my younger brother (younger by 15 years) said that he would miss the "Disney Nerd"...and for years, that is what we call each other...doing the little quotation thing at the same time.

Yes, my brother is a "Disney Nerd". I was so very proud of him when he took what could be his last summer of fun and freedom (he is a senior at Mizzou - Go Tigers!!!) and spent is working as a Seasonal Cast Member in Food and Beverage at Epcot. Long hours, little pay, foreign speaking tourists, FountainView, and best of all the Flag Shirt!!!

I am raising my 5 year old son to be a "Disney Nerd" as well. The other day, I "slipped" and called Walt Disney World simply "Disney World" and he corrected me.

I was so very proud.

There are also some great Disney groups out there for the nerd in all of us...I am so flattered that Lou Mongello is a member of my little group on Facebook...I would love to have the opportunity to meet this magical man!!! One day, I will make it to a Meet of the Month!!! Please check out his website wdwradio.com If you have not checked out Disney Every Day or The Disney Driven Life...do so!!! Of course, Also, on Twitter a lot of people mention being a #disneydork and there really is a "disneydork" on there!!!
To quote Matt the Juggler from the "Hunchback of Notre Dame - A Musical Adventure" preshow....I digress...

Have a magical day friends!!!

BTW, does Matt the Juggler have a Facebook Fan Club??? :)

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