Thursday, November 5, 2009

Miss Independent???

....I have always prided myself on being an independent woman...okay, so that may be a little far stretched.  I grew up in a SUPER close family.  Weirdly close.  I am the oldest of five children...four girls and one boy.  There is 15 years between myself and the youngest.  In a way, I think I did not go away for college because I could not bear to be away from my family.  I did not really move out of my parents house until I was 25 years old...and it wasn't around the corner or anything...I picked up and moved to Central Florida.  I transferred from my job with the Disney Stores to a job with Walt Disney World.  We are talking over a thousand miles from my comfort zone.  I barely had a there to find out "full time" was only 32 hours!!!  I knew nobody.  I found a roommate via the Disney employee newsletter...I suddenly became quite independent!!!

That is, until I met Mike.

Not that I am clingy or needy, but it has been nice to have him around.  He is all that I have known for almost ten years!!!  Very rarely have we spent a night apart!!!  I never thought that I would need someone so much!!!   It is a nice feeling...I am still very independent in many ways...I can be stubborn to a fault...but it is nice to have such a love for someone.  I really miss when he is not around.

Now, my only problem with his new schedule is taking care of my little Night Owl...I am wiped out and it is 9:15...but he is nowhere near being ready for bed...routine, routine, routine...THAT is something we are working hard on!!!

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