Wednesday, November 4, 2009

...the best of intentions... yesterday was going to be some sort of bang up spectacular day.  Whoo-hoo!!  Go me!!!  Tuesdays are my weigh in days, and I lost a whopping .7 lbs.  Hey, a loss is a loss, and I will take what I can get!!!  I got Little Man off to problem.  He was in a great mood and very cooperative.  DH started his new shift on Tuesday (230pm-11pm) so I came home and had a snack with him before he went off to work, since I was meeting a girlfriend for lunch at 230 (a very OP point friendly lunch at Subway).  Walking out the door, feeling FABULOUS...dark wash trouser leg jeans and an argyle sweater always makes me feel like I am the smartest-dressed woman in the world!!!  My hair was in place, my makeup looked good...I was ready to go...and my phone started ringing...okay.  Did not recgonize the number at first...but took a closer look and it was from the school district...Mike just left for work, so it wasn't him...answered the phone.  It was The. School. Nurse.


Yeah, Little Man was in the nurses office, running a 103 temperature. Gak!!!  Instead of meeting my girlfriend in ten minutes, I was driving to the school to pick up a very sick little guy.  I don't even remember getting to the school.  It was all a blur.  I managed to cancel my lunch date, schedule him a doctors appointment, cancel his evening ExerFun class at the RecPlex that evening, call Mike and call my parents to keep everyone up to date.

How funny that earlier in the morning, Little Man was looking forward to his class at the RecPlex and me making a Cheeseburger Pie for dinner.  Now I am picking up a tired, lethargic, feverish little guy.  Definitely not the Little Man that I put on the bus this morning.

After getting him to a 4pm doctor appointment (got there early at 3:38)...we were finally seen by the doctor (not our regular doctor, he was booked) at 5:00!!!  Little Man was sleeping, but the doctor managed to examine him and get the swab she needed for the Flu Test.  Said it would be about 15 mins.  Okay. 35 minutes later, we get the confirmation that Little Man has the flu.  Would not confirm that it is H1N1 (swine ful) because the test was not for that, but it can't be called the regular flu because it is not flu season. 

So, I have a 5 year old with the flu, a $45 prescription for TamiFlu, Campbells Soup at Hand (because Little Man does not "yike" eating soup with a spoon) , Diet 7Up and the newset Dora the Explorer DVD from the RedBox.  We are set.  Of course, he is comfortable and the fever broke this morning...but my house, in just a few short hours, has been turned upside down!!!

*sigh* off I go to clean, scrub and disenfect...where is my Cinderella???  :)

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