Monday, February 8, 2010

...stop hounding me!!!

I know there are some out there who are very well meaning when it comes to my weight loss...but you know what...mind your own damn business!!!

I don't mean to sound harsh...but I don't WANT to know about your hormone shots...I don't WANT to know about your shakes...I don't WANT to know about your workout plan...I don't WANT to know about your food-delivery service.

I joined Weight Watchers for.  The.  Last.  Time.  In June 2009.  The last time.  Looking back at photos...I gained this weight slowly over the last ten years.  I did NOT gain this weight overnight...I am NOT going to lose it overnight.  I am NOT looking for a quick fix.  That is why I signed onto for the last time in June of 2009.  I have not let my membership lapse, I have been logging on daily.  I have been tracking, counting, jornalling.  I have been doing everything that I can.  I have lost 20 lbs.  No, not a whole heck of a lot, but it is 20 lbs.  I will kiss each and every pound goodbye and hope not to see it again.  I am taking this at my own pace.  I will not win a race...but I am not looking to "win".  I just want to lose this be healthier, to be there for my son, for my death certificate NOT to read cause of death "morbid obesity", to fit into my special skrit.  I am doing this for ME...not for anyone else.

Please don't try to talk me into your hormone shots, shakes, workout routines, and food delivery services.  I am not interested.  I am doing this my way.  I know I am fat.  I can see that.  I just have to do this in the way that works for me.

I know you are well meaning...and you might have years of experience on me...but come on...let me do this my way.

Love to All.

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  1. Screw People! Just because things work for them does not mean it will work for EVERYONE!!! I love you to death and I am SO PROUD of you for what you have done so far!!! xxooxxooxxoo