Monday, February 22, 2010

...Monday Musings...

Just some random Monday morning thoughts...

~ I have become a morning person, and that scares me.

~ ...have you noticed that I love elipses (sp) know, the three dots that indicate a pause?!?!?  (...)

~ My Little Man has turned into my Little "Disney Nerd".  Instead of a bedtime story last night, he asked to watch some of the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade that we saved on the DVR.  Loving it!!!

~ My weight loss journey is not going so hot this week.

~ I HAVE been working out...just not pushing myself really hard.

~ I am still putting off making some pretty grown up decisions about our future.

~ We meet with Little Man's teachers, therapists and case workers on Wednesday.  We will finalize his transition into kindergarten.  That will help me make some of those grown up decisions.

~ I am working on a lot of things.  I have not seen my therapist since December (she is a busy, busy lady), but I have been working though a lot.  The one thing that I continually struggle with is spending money that we really, truly don't have to spare.

~ At the same time, I am working hard to save my pennies for TWO new Disney Dooney Bags with all of the trimmings when we head to the World in September for my sister's wedding.  They are my drive.

~ Speaking of heading to the World in September, my goal is to lose 75 lbs by then.  I have already resigned to the fact that I will look like a cow in the pics anyway, but I want to ride Rock N Roller Coaster again!!!

~ I have hours and hours and hours of TV to catch up on the DVR...but I can honestly say that I don't miss them...I NEVER thought I would say that I did not miss my shows!!!

That is about all that is going through my head this morning.  Since it is so early, I might chug out an actual blogpost later on.  Who knows.  Maybe one day I will say that I don't miss my computer...yeah right, that will NEVER happen!!!  I know, I don't miss my programs BECAUSE of my computer!!!

Love to All.

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