Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chrissy + Martha Stewart = disaster, EPIC fail...

Okay...in my head, I should be able to bake a simple cake.  I can bake a simple cake.  I just can't bake the "simple" cakes that I want to.  I wanted to bake a "simple" Valentine's Day cake for my two favorite guys...

This is an example of the cake I had in mind.  Beautiful AND delicious.  I decided that this might be too much for me to tackle, so I decided to buy some Wilton Heart Shaped Silcone molds.   I thought I could make sweet little tiny cakes.  I bought cupcake frosting and had visions of perfect little cakes in my head.  The mold could be used for ice cream!!!  Delicious heart shaped cakes and ice cream.  This is a photo of the exact mold that I bought. 

I bought cake mix and brownie mix.  We were going to have a tasty dessert forV-Day and I would have cakes and brownies, baked with love, to send to my parents and grandparents.  All tied up with a cute little bow.  My son would have magical memories of us baking and decorating our gifts, again all made with love.

Well, Saturday afternoon, I decided to tackle the brownies.  Okay.  I read the instructions to the silcone mold.  It said that you did not have to spray the pan.  I did not, because this is supposed to be miracle silicone...all you had to do was "twist" the pan and your treats would just release.  So I mix the batter and bake.  I let the pan cool, for what I thought was long enough.  Apparently you have to let the pan cool to an arctic temperature before removing said goodies.  I could not wait that long.  I only had one pan, and had a lot of batter left to bake.  So I twisted an popped.  So I tried to pop.  The brownies TOTALLY stuck to the pan.  I gave up and baked the rest of the batter in an 8x8 pan.  They turned out really, REALLY underdone.  Scrapped the cute, decorated brownie idea and decided that I would tackle the cakes the next day.

Sunday comes, and it is snowing all day.  What a wonderful day to get our baking done!!!  Okay, so the cakes turned out the same as the brownies.  I won't go into gory detail...but I did get pictures of the cakes.

I again, made a cake out of the rest of the batter.  Little Man helped me decorate the lopsided, crumbly cakes and make the big, blobby hearts on the cake.  I decided then and there that it is not about how the outcome looks, or what anyone else thinks of it...just the memory making with my Little Man along the way.  Ou cakes aren't going to win any prize...but to Michael they were number one the whole time.

Love to All.

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