Sunday, February 14, 2010


As I see all of the exciting things that my online friends did over the past few days at the Disney Social Media Mom's Celebration, I  miss my time in Florida more and more.  I am wondering if it is something that can't be cured by a week's trip here and a week's trip there.  Two of my 2011 goals take place in the first two months...I want to complete the WDW Marathon Weekend Family Fun 5K at the Studios in January, and I would like to attend the Disney Social Media Mom's Celebration next year.  It was in February this year, so I would assume that it is going to be in February next year.  It would be so much easier for me to meet my goals if we lived there.  I hate dissappointing myself...and if I get it in my head that I want to do something...I have to do it.  I am determined, stubborn to a fault. 

We decided yesterday that the following reasons are NOT reason enough to move back to Florida. 

1) weather. No matter how much we hate the snow, grey and winter is not a grown up enough reason to move back...

2) Sonny's Real Pit Bar-B-Q in Saint Cloud and Pizza City in Kissimmee (the best Calzone in the WORLD).  As much as these two fatties love their food, it is not a grown up enough reason to move back because we miss certain restaurants.

Hey, it is a short list...but it is a list all the same.  It is a start.  We are working on the pro/con thing.  Despite the two items listed (are they pros, are they cons, who knows?!?!?) we ARE taking this seriously.  Either way, there are going to be some  major life changes made to the Pagnottis over the next six months.  The only question far am I going to have to travel to get to the Marathon Weekend and Social Media Mom's Celebratio next year???

Love to All.

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