Wednesday, February 10, 2010

...maybe it would be more exciting... I am not thinking of packing up the family and moving a thousand miles away from everyone that I love to improve my blog.  I am not.  BUT I think that my blog would be much more exciting if I moved back to Florida.

I just seemed happier, more active, and I did more when I lived down south.  I think I would take more pictures, I would post more often and would have a more interesting life in general.

Here I sit, in my family room with the blinds raised up.  I see the sun, but there is so much snow!!!  Michael is in the winter spirit by watching the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade for the third time in a row.  I am not going to make him turn it off...he is sick.  I want him to be comfortable and happy.  Even if this means watching goofy Nick Cannon and skeletal Kelly Ripa over and over and over.  I am actually tearing up while watching it, I miss Disney so much.  I have a problem.  My son has a problem.  :)

Now I remember working for the Mouse was not all it was cracked up to be.  I hated working in merchandise.  Well, I did not hate it completely.  I hated the time I worked at the World of Disney.  I loved the time I worked at Disney's Hollywood (then MGM) Studios.  I know that working for Disney might not work out for me this time around...the schedules can vary, and with a five year old, I have to have a pretty stable schedule.  Mike is willing to work overnights, and I want to work while Michael is in school.  Mike would love to go back to work for Disney.  He loved working for them in Security.  That was his favorite job.  Now, we would of course get Michael (and me, if I did not work for Disney) an annual pass so we would be able to go to the parks whenever we wanted to.  I miss being able to just go whenever we wanted.  I think Michael would enjoy that.

Not that missing Disney is any reason to go back to Central Florida...but it is a HUGE pro on my list...

Love to All.

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