Friday, February 19, 2010

...starting over... I went back to my first WW meeting in a year and a half.  I did have reservations...and yes, the group was, my wonky weigh in days won't be an issue..and surprisingly enough...there weren't too many "Know-It-All-Nellies" in the group.

There were, however, quite a few "magpies" in the room.  You know, the kind of people who always have something to say.  I just chose to ignore them and concentrate on what I was there for...why I was there.

I am starting over, starting from scratch, starting fresh.  A new beginning, a new day.  I literally wiped out a 20 lb weigh loss to start over.  Yes, I know that I have lost this weight...but I needed a new beginning...a new starting point. 

I am quite excited for this chapter in my journey.  My goal is to lose 75 lbs before we head to Florida for my sister's wedding in September.  It is bad enough that I will still be heavy...but I can't change that overnight.  I am not going to go to some crazy extreme to lose this weight in the next seven months!!!  I will take it in small babysteps.  I want to celebrate every NSV (non scale victory) and figure out what to do better when I fail (and I will FAIL here and there...I am only human).

Today, my leader discussed eating out.  His meeting really opened my eyes on how to plan or prepare for dining out.  You can't always be 100% prepared...and after doing WW as many times as I have, I know what choices are better than others.  He also mentioned that you can't deprive yourself.  What good is celebrating something at The Cheesecake Factory, if you aren't going to have a piece of cheesecake???  Now, this is reserved for special occasions and celebrations...not everyday dining.  What good is celebrating your birthday if you aren't going to allow yourself a piece of cake.  This is RADICAL thinking compared to WW of the past.  This is why I love can literally eat anything you long as you stay within your Points range. 

Off I go to have a piece of Little Man's favorite, "Hamburger Cheeseburger Pie".  I have figured out the Points Values (how I love my WW eTools) and will track it and move on.  I am not having to inject myself with some weird hormone and worry about not eating my tomatoes in the same meal as my cucumbers...because, heaven forbid that happen!!!

My weight might not come off as fast as 14 lbs in seven days...but it is coming off...slowly and surely is the way that I have to do it to keep it off.

Right pounds down, 172 to go...and I have gone one meal without having fast food (if Subway does not count, then it is three meals technically).  This is HUGE.  Much bigger than I am, but I am ready to tackle this...

Love to All.

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