Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring...Just Get Here Already!!!

I am so over winter.  So over it.  I am tired of the grey skies, I am tired of the cold temperatures, I am tired of the sogginess.  Is sogginess even a word???  My major complaint about using blogger is the lack of spellcheck.  If it is here somewhere, it is hidden and I can't find it.

I digress. 

I just want to get through the next few months.  I just want the sun to shine, I want the birds to sing, I want May to get here already.  Our lives are so much less stressful come springtime.  I want longer, warmer days.  That is all.

I am not sure if my depression is tied in to the weather.  I have not touched on this with my therapists or psycharitist (sp).  I just hate the short, cold, dark, dreary days.  I long to be more active, get out in the fresh air, to enjoy life again.

Not much of a topic, but what is on my mind.

Love to All.

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