Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January...A Month In Review

Okay...so I started the month out all gung-ho.  I was going to blog more.  I was going to keep the house neater.  I was going to eat better.  I was going to exercise more.  Well, I am doing all right.  Not perfect, but all right.  I am happy with that.

I have blogged 17 (18 counting today...duh) days this month.  This is good, considering I only posted 28 blogs all last year.  This is bad, because if my blogging were being graded on effort alone, I would be failing.  18/31 is 58% (which was an F when I was in school).  Heck, last year I should have been held back.  28/365 is 7%!!!

House neater???  That is negotiable.  It is not bad.  It is not as good as it was 62 (!!!) days ago, but we are making progress.  Purging is a hard process.  This all might be sped up (purging, gutting, MOVING) because of a possible opportunity.  No, we might NOT move back to Florida.  This could be a good thing.  I am not going to count my chickens before they hatch, but I feel pretty good.

Eat better and exercise more???  Meh.  I have been eating okay, not 100% better but I am getting better.  Exercise???  I have been fighting this cold/flu/virus/ick for about a month now...hard to move.  I know, paltry excuse...but it has been hard to function, let alone get on a bike at the gym.  I have been dabbling with myfitnesspal.com, and I really like it (I super-really-like that it is FREE).  I put a weight loss ticker on the side of my blog.  One pound.  One measly pound.  Yeah, yeah...at least it isn't a pound GAINED or you should never discount just one pound...but I have been working at it for a month now.

Working at it???  Imagine what my progress would be if I actually tried.

No, I don't mean to be a downer.  January has been a great month.  2012 is shaping up to be a pretty good year.  I am ready for the ride.  Who knows what might happen next!!!

Love to All.

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