Friday, January 20, 2012

What "Cruising on a Friday Night" Means at My Age

I am a little stuck tonight.  Perhaps it is the multitasking I am trying to do.  Yeah.  Multitasking is kind of a loose picture of what I am trying to do.  I am sitting here, almost two hours after dinner was finished, chatting with Big Daddy on the phone (it is all his fault, right?!?!?), and cruising through Facebook and Pinterest.  Yeah.  I remember fondly when cruising on a Friday night involved my three best girlfriends, a 1987 Toyota Celica, a mix tape in the deck and a stop at the Dairy Queen.

Now I comment on friends status updates about the weather in their area, check-ins from their travels (I have a lot of FB friends who are always on the road, it seems), pictures of their puppies, or their link to The Wiggles official Facebook page post about Greg coming back as the Yellow Wiggle and Sam getting the boot.

Yes, seriously.  That is what my Facebook newsfeed looks like this evening.  No, I am not joking about the Wiggle post.  A girlfriend from High School has a nine-month old little girl who is OBSESSED with The Wiggles.  I have a son that was is obsessed with The Wiggles.  This is big news.

I love Pinterest.  It is so much fun, and there are so many good ideas shared there.  I can't even really describe what Pinterest is exactly, but I can say that it is addictive.

I am having trouble getting a "snapshot" type photo of my Pinterest page.  I can set up a link to my page.  I like photos in my blog (and the blogs that I read) so I can post a few of my pins...

Here is an example of a "pin" that I liked.  I pinned this to my "My Style" board.  The board is actually titled "My Style, I'm a Hot Mess because I really am.  I don't have one certain styles, but there are a lot of styles that I like!!!

This is an example of a "pin" that I pinned to my "...made me laugh..." board.  You see, it is funny because it is a photo of the actor/rapper Ice-T ON an iced tea fountain.  Funny???  Yes.  The internet is full of crap like this.

This is an example of a "pin" that I pinned to my ", delicious food..." board.  I haven't made this recipe yet (something involving bacon...which means you really can't go wrong), but I have made a couple of the recipes I have found.

Basically, Pinterest is like a big forum for people (mainly women) to share what they find out there on the internet and gives it a"storage space", for the stuff that you may want to read later, stuff you might want to try out, or just things you like in general.  There are so many great ideas.  I like all of the funny stuff, and the things that make me laugh, but there are a lot of great tips...real tips.  Organizing, household cleaning, food, much.  It is a lot of fun.

What prompted this whole blogpost was that I was stuck about what to write.  My whole thing lately is that I don't want to post something for the sake of posting (aka, I don't want to put out crap).  I was on the whole "blogging every day for a month" bandwagon...but then I thought, I don't want to write a post just to have some sort of streak and some of the posts be junk...I would rather skip a day or two and write about something better.  I know there are blogging ideas out there, but some of them are just so random (or general) that they don't feel sincere to me.  I do get ideas every now and then from BlogHer, and they have something known as "NaBloPoMo"...I think it means National Blog Posting Month.  They have a "theme" every month, and even give you writing prompts for each (M-F) day.  I obviously can't commit to posting every. single. day., BUT I do like to go there when the well runs a little dry.

This month's theme is "beginnings".  It all makes sense.  January means a clean slate, a new start.  There have been some very good topics brought up, but none that made me want to put fingers to keyboard and type.  Until tonight.  I was going through some of the January prompts, and came across one from January 16th simply saying "Tell us about some of your first toys".

Funny they mention this, because I just created a Pinterest pin board called " I had as a child...".  Just so happens that I created this board on January 16th!!!  I love this board, it is filled with wonderful Fisher-Price and Playskool Weeble Wobble toys from the 1970s and 1980s.  There are only 11 pins on this board so far (I didn't want to go all crazy right off the bat) but I can see it growing quickly.

So, my original post was going to be about some of my beloved childhood toys.  I will save that post for another day.  I had to share the love of Pinterest which led me to rediscover some of my favorite toys.

Keep watching pinning!!!

Love to All.

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