Monday, January 2, 2012 day at a time..., I don't mean that groovy seventies sitcom with Schneider...

I loved watching this show.  I think it was on Sunday nights on Channel 4 (CBS here in St. Louis).

I digress.

By "One Day at a Time", I mean that is how I have to take day at a time.  Cleaning, purging, organizing, working out, eating better, relations with Big Daddy and Little day at a time.  I can't jump in with both feet, or I will burn out quick.

Today, the school district was closed for the New Year holiday.  Big Daddy and I didn't have to work, and Little Man didn't have school.  We really took a leisurely approach to the day.  Big Daddy even woke up later than I did!!!  We had a nice lunch (brunch, since we didn't have breakfast?!?!?) out, where I had soup and salad (and dessert...all things in moderation).  We picked up a few things at crayons, markers and glue for Little Man for back to school, and a new toaster.  Whoo-hoo.  I can't believe that I get excited over a toaster.  Our old one just kind of gave out.  I learned this yesterday, when trying to prepare frozen waffles for Little Man and his cousins.

I threw dinner in the crock-pot.  I found this recipe via Pinterest.  I have made it with chicken, as the recipe calls for...but tonight I made it with stew meat, to make kind of a stroganoff (???).  We love it.  Little Man ate two bowls!!!

The photo is from the site,  I can't wait to try more of the recipes.  I am not sure how Weight Watchers-friendly these recipes might be, but I am willing to tweak them to fit the plan.

I am slowly working through my room.  I took an hour and a half (an hour and a half!!!) to completely clear out my side of the bed (I had five books stashed away) and my vanity.  I could not believe all of the dog hair that I cleaned up...I thought my dogs didn't really shed.  I was wrong.  I cleared my vanity of most of the knickknacks, found spots for all of my makeups, nail polishes, lotions and potions.  I actually can see the glass top of the vanity!!!  I can't believe all of the time it took, but I am pleased with the end result.  I am finding that I can live (function) with less.  What a liberating feeling!!!  Yes, it took me a long time to do this...and I still have a way to go, but you know what???  I am completely okay with that.  I am pleased with the (albeit small) progress I have made.

I kept a couple photos from our wedding (will be adding a couple of pics of Little Man), my reading lamp, remotes to the TV and the fan, some costume jewelry that I wear occasionally (all corralled in a pretty holder), the lotion and spray that I use obsessively (current scent of the season, Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel) and the book that Little Man and I are working on (currently "Diary of a Wimpy Kid").  Oh, and if you look closely, there is a small figurine of Tinker Bell and one of Cinderella.  They had been hiding in boxes in my room, so I figure I'd bring them out of hiding.  Living in a house full of boys (all two of them), I should be allowed something girly.

Back to routine tomorrow.  I need to head to bed so I can get up early to head to the gym (go me!!!).  Let's hope that happens.  Showers have been taken, teeth have been brushed, dogs have been let out, dishwasher has been run.  Little Man is watching WWE Wrestling with Big Daddy (rare Monday night treat, since Big Daddy usually works evenings)...Mama is ready for bed.  Excited to see what tomorrow brings!!!

Love to All.

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