Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Baseball Cards, Cr*p, and Why I Shouldn't Write While I Watch Hoarding Shows, I took a couple of days off from blogging.  Just a couple.  I have already blogged half as much this year (18 days in) as I did ALL of last year.  Nothing important, nothing life changing.  Just my everyday life.

I think I have finally kicked this bug/virus/ick thing that I have had forever.  I went to the doctors on Monday.  My ears were clear, my throat was clear.  That was good.  No ear infection, no strep.  Whatever it was (most likely a cold with inflamed Eustachian tubes) wiped me out.  I hope to bounce back.  I'm not going to promise to get to the gym at 5 tomorrow morning, but I hope to get back to the old routine!!!

I am kind of (KIND OF) coming to grips with the whole "down-sizing and moving into a smaller place" thing.  Kind of.  I see the good of it. 

I pass by smaller houses, duplexes, townhomes...and I think, "Wow, we could move back into a place that size".  But, I am also a creature of habit (so to say). 

I love this house, Little Man loves this house, I love the fenced-in yard, I love that I can have my dogs (aka Dumb and Dumber), I love our neighbors, I love the neighborhood. 

Big Daddy doesn't like the amount that we are paying in rent, and right now there is no hope on the horizon to buy this house.  For heaven's sake, our financial planner even told us to downsize!!!  She did not say outright that we were living above our means, but she doesn't like the wheel we are spinning on. 

I don't know if I am 100% ready.  I am not sure if it is stubbornness or laziness. 

In my head, I can totally see downsizing this year and moving back to Florida after Little Man finishes second grade. 

We can do this.  Big Daddy is already going gung-ho. I almost don't want to stop him, because he is letting stuff go

We bought a beautiful computer desk about five years ago.  It is also huge.  We moved it into the spare room when we moved into this house, and it has pretty much sat there since.  We rarely use our desktop anymore.  Little Man used it for awhile, and it still works...but we are definitely laptop people.  We have three, two working well, one needing help.  If we keep the desktop (IF), we could get a smaller desk.  Big Daddy thinks that we need the desk for the Ethernet (???) for AT&T Uverse.  We also have a nice scanner/copier/printer that we bought last summer.  We can keep what we need to, but just keep it in a smaller space. 

Big Daddy is willing to let the desk go. 


Its not, "well, we paid X-amount of dollars for this".  No argument.  I was surprised.  He is willing to sell it.

Of course, he is still bringing crap into the house.

I am not going to say he is a hoarder, but he likes stuff. 

I like stuff, too.  I like my clothes, I like my shoes, I like things for Little Man (clothes, toys, etc.).  I love my Disney Dooney & Bourke purses.  I can also let go. 

Big Daddy doesn't like just stuff.  He likes crap.  Other people's crap that he gets for free.

Teachers at his school were purging old binders.  We have them.  Probably 50 of them.  With the crap still inside them.  Big Daddy brought them home for his Baseball Card collection.  Big Daddy will have to go through his collection and sort them as to what binder they will go into.  Before he can even do that, he has to take the crap OUT of the binders so he can put the baseball cards in them. 

Long story, short.  Instead of letting the teachers throw their crap out, Big Daddy brought them home (STILL FILLED WITH THE CRAP) and stuck them in the garage. 


I can see them moving from this house, to our downsized place (if that is a step) to a place all the way in Florida.  Then, I foresee them sitting in a storage shed in Florida.  A storage shed is a given in Florida for us.  The whole no basement thing.

We seriously have bins that moved with us from Florida (in 2003), to a storage shed (because when we first moved up here, we stayed with my sister and brother-in-law for two months), to our apartment (where we had a spare room, so we didn't need a storage shed), to our townhome (where we had a basement/storage area) to our house (where we have a basement).  We have been in this house since June 2006.  Seriously.  I don't think the bins have been opened.

I foresee a lot of eBay (for our Disney crap that have sat in those bins for nearly nine years) and a HUGE garage sale.

Wish us me luck.

Love to All.

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