Tuesday, January 3, 2012

...hmmm, untitled, I suppose...

...okay, so I seemed to be a little stumped about what to write this evening...we are settling back into our routine, and I have little time to post tonight.  Little Man goes back to school tomorrow, which means that we will have a full Preschool class tomorrow, because the entire district returns from Winter Break tomorrow.  Little Miss M was back in class today, and she wore me out.  Today was kind of a "test"...I worked all day, Little Man had Exerfun tonight, we drove through McDonald's for dinner (to my credit, I had a salad with the Newman's Own Low Fat Italian dressing).  No laundry done this evening, the dishwasher hasn't been run (of course, we haven't used many dishes).  I think the house will be okay.  It has been 27 days of "clean".  I did freak out a little when Big Daddy started "cleaning out" some stuff from the computer/play room.  He had about a dozen boxes out and about.  Okay.  I really freaked out.  I did not want him "messing up" what we had worked so hard to keep clean.  He said he had it under control, and that there would be no trace of the boxes or the contents in the morning.  He held true to his word, and the boxes (and their contents) were distributed.  Of course, that means that they were relocated to the garage or the basement, BUT they have been sorted through.  I feel a little better about that.  We are slowly taking down the Christmas decorations, I don't want to become overwhelmed by that.  Heck, I figure I have until January 5th or 6th, right?!?!?  Three Kings Day, or the Epiphany, right???  It will be all packed away this weekend.  Packed away AFTER it has been weeded through.

So, I blew off the gym today.  Lazy???  Yes.  When my alarm went off, and I was kinda, sorta conscious (this was about 4:45 am, mind you) I noticed that the temperature was reading 14 degrees outside.  14.  My bed (with clean sheets and a clean comforter) was SO cozy.  14 degrees sounded like hell, AND I did not sleep very well the night before.  I turned off the alarm, rolled over, and fell back to sleep...dreaming about when we are moving back to Florida!!!  I am sad that I let the weather discourage me, but am ready to go tomorrow.  No excuses. 

I hope that these posts get a little more exciting...I have stopped by blogher.com to get some ideas, and there have been some pretty good ones...they offer a new topic every Monday - Friday.  Yesterday's topic was "What did you do on New Year's Day?".  I kind of touched on that, not even realizing that it was a topic!!! Today was "What is your favorite start-of-the-year tradition?".  Food for thought.  I have some ideas, but may wait and post about it tomorrow.  I have a cuddle-bug-monkey waiting for me to read some of that "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" book to before we fall asleep.

Love to All.

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