Monday, March 15, 2010

...still on the fence... I have gotten the ball rolling on following my dream.  Nothing much has happened in the last week, except every day I think about quitting my job.  I have never been so determined to quit a decent job in my life.

What we are still on the fence about is moving to Florida.  That is still in the back of our minds.  I know, you are most likely tired of hearing about it...I get tired thinking about it!!!  Problem right now is that there are not jobs available at Disney in the departments we are interested in.  My feeling is that we should just apply.  If we get called about a job, we need to take it as a sign that we belong back down there.  The logical side of me says to give it a year...see how the caring for children thing goes.  We need to stay here...our house is perfect, the schools are great for Michael, Mike has a decent job with great benefits.  If I can get the home-based daycare off the ground, then I will be bringing in decent money and staying at home with my son.  If we move to Florida, we will both be working full-time and our hours may suck.  Our hours suck right now, that is why I am so down right now.  I never see my husband.  I don't know if it will get any better if we move.

I keep talking about jumping in with both feet...but get timid right around the water's edge.  Just sticking my toe in right now.

Still on the fence.  That hasn't changed.

Love to All. 

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  1. Once you sit down and figure all this stuff out you will feel SO much better!! Make some lists and honestly devote some hard time to it. If you keep flip flopping you will feel worse!!! I am here for you and if you ever need to call and just blurt everything out I am here for you!!! xoxoxoxox