Friday, March 26, 2010

Mommy Moments

I got this idea from    Today's topic is Summer Days are here.  Well, technically, it is only 49 degrees right now here in MO...but I can look ahead to the summer.  There are going to be so many changes...I am SO excited.  One thing that will remain the same this summer is that Little Man will be playing T-Ball.  He loves it so much, and it is so good to see him get out and run around.  I love to watch him interact with the other children.  He might not be the best player...but they are all 4 and 5...nobody is the quite Albert Pujols yet!!!  The kids have so much fun.  Since Little Man is an August baby, he still has another year of T-Ball before he graduates to Coach Pitch Baseball.  I get frustrated that he is always the school, on the teams and in things like swim lessons...but I have to remember that waiting is the best thing for him.  T-Ball starts in May...but in the meantime, I will post some photos from last season...

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  1. He is BEYOND adorable Chrissy!!! Be proud of your little Ball Player!!!