Sunday, January 24, 2010

What I Spend Money On

I don't think this blog is big enough to handle what I spend money on...this is another one of the "100 Blog Topics I Hope YOU Write" that I found on Google. 

I am a spender.  Always have been.  I am trying to save money, so I can FINALLY stay at home with my dear, dear son.  Of course, he is going to all-day I am a day late and a dollar short.  I am trying to make better purchase decisions overall so I can show that I can be thrifty and make the stay at home thing work.  We have already decided that I am going to supplement Mike's income by taking in no more than three children to take care of full time.  I am okay with that, as I love children.

Now, onto what I spend money on.  The list of what I DON'T spend money on would be shorter...

1) Target.  I know I can't buy Target, duh.  But I love Target so much that I had to lump them into their own category.  I actually get a rush when I walk into Target.  Yes, an actual, honest-to-goodness rush....and yes, this is something I HAVE discussed with my therapist.  I think that they pump "happy air" into the place.  I could take a red plastic cart and walk around that place for HOURS.  And I have.  My only beef with Target is their plus sized clothing section.  It is all of about four racks and they only get ONE of each size in each style.  Makes it hard for a girl to wait for something to go on clearance (though when I lose the weight, clearance the hell out!!!).  Of course, I can't complain too loudly when I find work sweaters for a mere $15.  Of course, if I don't work outside the home anymore, I will be SAVING right more work clothes...I can wear my comfy/casual clothes!!!  Whoo-hoo!!!  I used to shop exclusively at Lane Bryant for clothes...but when their underpants got up to $18/pair I could not handle it.  I know they always run sales/deals...but come on. $18 bucks a pop for underpants?!?!? 

I also love Target for their home accessories.  I suffer from OCD, so I tend to buy things that I am afraid they are going to run out of..and yes, this also is something I have discussed with my therapist.  This would also explain why I have FOUR different table runner/placemat/napkin sets.  I have throw pillows still in the bags with tags attached.  I need to get this stuff out on eBay.

Clothing and Home Accessories are just two of the many things I love spending my money on at Target.  I could go on and on and on, but there are so many other things that I love to spend money on...

2) Shoes.  You see, I have a size 11 foot.  Don't laugh.  Paris Hilton takes a size 11 as well.  I would be like a 10, but I have that freakishly longer second toe...and that pushes me to Paris Hilton-like feet.  When you have a size 11 have to grab what you can as soon as you see it, otherwise it is gone.  I love shoes.  I love good shoes, but most designers (I am talking to YOU Nine West) stop at a ten...and if they get an 11, it is your Grandma's shoe.  This is why I will admit that I love Payless.  While they don't carry every style in an 11, they carry a lot more than Macy's or Dillard's does!!!  Target is pretty good at carrying size 11, but you have to act on it pretty quickly, because again, they only get one in.  My favorites are ballet flats...and I probably have 50 different pair...mostly black.  Ballet Flats are for comfort, but I do love heels.  At nearly six feet tall barefoot, I do love how tall heels make me.  I save them for work or going out...but since I rarely go out, the heels are mostly for work. 

3)  Okay Old Navy.  WHY in the blank did you take Women's Plus sizes out of your stores???  I love that you at least have the sense to carry it online, but is it fair that I have to pay $7 every order when I PASS a lovely new Old Navy every day on my way to and from work???  Take a cue from Payless and offer free shipping to your stores.  I am gonna spend more money that way.  Heck, with how often I order online from you, I could use that $7 and pay for my Weight Watchers monthly subscription...or spend it on Ding Dongs.  I love Old Navy's clothes, they make me feel skinny because they run SO big!!!  I have tried their shoes, since they do carry cutie cute styles in size 11...but they are horribly uncomfortable.  I will let Old Navy stick to making wonderful, affordable clothes. Again, Old Navy...if you are out there...let's talk free site-to-store shipping.  PLEASE.  I will be more apt to go into a store to pick up my merchandise and then drop money on things that I find for Michael or on accessories or even (heaven help us) more uncomfortable but cute shoes!!!

Those are just a few of the MANY places I spend my hard earned money.  I also spend it on Disney stuff, trips to Disney, Disney magazines, D23 Membership merchandise, Gymboree, Christmas ornaments, light fluffy girly books, SpongeBob DVDs, and even throw the occasional dollar or two to Walmart.  I am certain I could fill a hundred more blog posts about what I spend my money on.

Love to All.

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