Friday, January 22, 2010

My Mother is on Facebook!!! my Mom has been on Facebook for a little while now.  This is just one of the "100 Blog/Podcast Topics I Hope YOU Write" that I found on Google.  This is one of the few that actualy apply to me. 

My mother has been on Facebook for a little while now.  I don't really know why...other than the fact that she is a wee bit nosey!!!  She never posts updates, but she sure as heck knows what is going on with any member of the family that is currently on Facebook...myself included.  I suppose you could say she is more of a lurker than anything.  Maybe it is just that she does not understand the wonderfulness that is Facebook.

I just think that it is wonderful that someone who is entering their "golden years" can make their world a little bit smaller.  They can connect with others the same way that I can, or the same way that my brother (who is a college senior) can.  They have every right to connect with people all over the world who have the same interests.  They have every right to reconnect with old classmates, and they have every right to keep in touch with family all over the country, even all over the world. 

It is just bizarre to think that my mother, at the tender age of 60 is playing around on Facebook.  I am not sure if she is into farmville, yoville, or whatever...I think it keeps her young.

Love to All.

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