Saturday, January 16, 2010 I really THAT old???

Today I was listening to a "Classic" Rock station while I was running my errands this afternoon.  I heard a lot of songs that reminded me of my childhood...the kind of music that my father listened to...reminded me of warm, golden summer nights...when we played outside until the streetlights came on.  Just a simpler time all around.  I was pulling into Target (the Mother Ship) when "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" by U2 came on.  U2.  Classic Rock???  What???  Yes, I was reminded that the song was more than 25 years old and yes, I am that old!!!

Why do I have such problems facing the fact that I am a grown up???  I can't believe that I am 36 years old.  I still feel like a child.  I have a husband, a child, a house, two dogs, piles of bills, two cars...why do I feel like a child???  I feel like a child in my workplace, I feel like a child around my family, I feel like a child around my friends.  Do I let these people treat me like a child, or is that how I perceive it???  I have a hard time putting it into words...and anyway, how does someone start THINKING like a grown up???  I mean, I face challenges...but I expect someone to help me or bail me knight in shining armor.  How did this happen???  How to I fix it???  How can I change it???

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