Saturday, January 16, 2010

...back in the saddle again...and it feels good!!! I am trying to straighten out a lot of carp in my life.  Finances.  Health.  Relationships.  Those are just what I can rattle off the top of my head.  Of course, one thing that I am tackling is my weight.  At this point in my journey, I have an astonishing 166 lbs. that I HAVE to lose.  This is down from the original 185.  I will be less than half my size.  You are smart enough to do the math and figure that I started this journey at an embarassing 345 lbs.  And I wonder why I can't have a baby.  I STILL weigh more than I did when I delivered Michael. 

My work schedule rarely allows me to attend Weight Watchers meetings.  I leave the house at 730 in the morning, and get home at 8 at night.  I like to be consistent with my weigh in days, but that is hard.  I do Weight Watchers online, and weigh myself HONESTLY every Tuesday. 

You can tell me all that you want about my scale not being as accurate as the one at a meeting.  Hooey.  My scale may not be as precise, but it is digital and I am HONEST about the number that I track...if I like it or not.  On Tuesdays, if the number goes up then I record it and move on.  I look over what I did over the past week and tweak it .  If the number goes down, then I look over what I did over the past week and CONTINUE it.  My weight is coming off slowly, but I have not gained it back...and that is what I am most proud of.  In the past, I would have been frustrated by how slow I am losing the weight and thrown in the towel.  The fact that I am sticking this out makes me proud.

Next, I know I get a lot of flack about not having the support of a meeting.  Yes, I do miss the accountability of a meeting.  I did not click with a lot of the leaders, and that is important.  I am considering going back to husband does not want me to pay $40 a month for me to go to a meeting IF and WHEN it fits into my schedule.  I will go and talk to my old leader (who I loved) and see about attending meetings even if it is not a consistent day.

This leads me to the whole point of this post...I get all sorts of support and ideas from the Weight Watchers message boards.  They are like family to me, and I don't want to let them down.  The 200+ pounds to lose board is my favorite.  Everyone is so supportive.  Even though right now, I can't make it to a meeting, they hold me accountable.

I am straightening out so much right now, but I am able to check back in on the boards...and I picked up right were I left boy, it feels good!!!

Love to All. 

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