Saturday, October 24, 2009

...again...I did not realize how boring of a person I really was!!!

...not much going on around here again...well, okay...maybe a lot going on...but I just don't know where to start...

Have my DNephew here this evening.  Wow.  He is a 20 month old bundle of energy!!!  We picked him up a little bit before 5 pm, and he slept in the car!!!  It is about a half an hour drive from my DSister's house to ours.  That is all it took...and now he won't go to sleep!!!  I am just hoping that he and Little Man crash soon!!!  I have to take my (new) meds this evening and they will knock me out...literally!!!

I plan on taking them to the pumpkin patch EARLY tomorrow...and remember, I am NOT a morning person!!!  The place tends to get crowded, and I still have issues with crowds...figure that one out...worked for Disney for years...played in the parks on my days off...but a crowd at the pumpkin patch freaks me out.  Maybe it comes with age...maybe it comes with the weight gain...who knows?!?!?

Ummmm...went to a new doctor on Friday...a psycharistist (sp).  I have been officially diagnosed as bi-polar with OCD tendicies. 

You might think that would freak me out...but it doesn't.  It actually empowers me.  I FINALLY know why I tick the way I tick.  I finally have an answer.  I finally know what is going on.  My only concern is with the medication.  Okay, kind of a vain reason...but the meds can cause weight gain.  Now, I know I am only down 17 lbs. so far on my journey (just a drop in a very big bucket)...but I hate the idea that I may not have a lot of control over if and when I may gain.  My new doc advised me to stick with WW and stick with working out (which I should be doing more of) and I should do just fine.  I just MIGHT gain, it is not said that I will gain for sure.  Her main concern is if (and it is a BIG if) I get pregnant...not that bi-polar women have not had healthy babies...she just wants to make sure that I am off my meds and monitored...great.  Scary thought.

I am wondering if my weight is catching up with me.  My body aches...lately it has been my knees.  I have not worked out because it hurts...swimming is easier...but I have not been feeling up to it...but maybe now that I have a course of action for my mental health the working out will get easier...

For now I am just happy that DNephew crashed and Little Man is almost there.  I also think it is hilarious that Little Man is losing his voice (due to just a simple sore throat...I hope!!!) and does not know what to think of it...he has never been hoarse before!!!

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