Wednesday, October 21, 2009

...not much going on...and that's the way I like it...

Not much to report on today...back at work...just for a day and a half this week...I'll take that!!!  A lot to do in the next few days...we have a PAT (Parents As Teachers) visit on Friday morning...and she is going to be AMAZED by Little Man's progress...I can forsee that.  I am really looking forward to her coming this week.  Little Man has grown by leaps and bounds since the school year started in July (we are on year-round schools here).  I am so proud of him.

Friday afternoon, while Little Man is at school, I have an appointment to see a psycharist (sp???  where is the spellcheck in this darn thing?!?!?).  I am a little scared.  I am a little excited.  I am going on the advice of my therapist.  She helps me talk things out, but the doctor should be able to help me manage my medication and work on some of my compulsive tendicies.  Lets hope it helps!!!  Maybe we can get to the medical reason of why I tick the way I tick...of course DH is concerned about the financial end of it...each visit to a specialist costs me a $30 copay.  The way I look at it, the copay is a small price to pay...I could be out spending money or eating...both of which are more detremental (sp???  reminder to find the spell check on this site...).

I offered to care for my 20 month old nephew Saturday night.  What was I thinking?!??!  :0)  I don't mind.  I know my sister will do the same for me.  I am taking Little Man and my nephew to the Pumpkin Patch Sunday morning.  They have pony rides, a little train, a straw maze, petting zoo, etc.  Little Man loves to go there every year...and I am excited to take my nephew.  Until I am able to give Little Man a little brother or sister (or more like IF I am able) his cousin is all he has, and he really cares for him like a litle brother.  In a way, taking care of my nephew is therapeutic for me.  Hopefully I will get some good pics and figure out how to post them up here!!!

Oh yeah, I am taking the boys to the Pumpkin Patch first thing Sunday morning, 10 am as soon as it opens...just because DH said I couldn't.  Not that he is not allowing me to go, no...he said that I couldn't get up, ready and going anywhere at 10 am on a Sunday off .  Bah!!!  I am out to prove him wrong!!!   I am so stubborn about proving people wrong, sometimes!!!

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