Wednesday, October 7, 2009

...just another day...

...not much going on...worked, day seemed very, here it is after 9 pm.  I might just turn in early this evening.  Should be spectacular sleeping weather, and I am tired!!!  DH is not feeling well, but he is in the kitchen cleaning did I get so lucky?!?!?  Seriously, he "crashed" earlier this evening (he is diabetic) and is still not feeling 100%...but he insists on cleaning up.  I really love him...and not just because he cleans the kitchen!!!  I could not ask for a better husband and father to Little Man.  I really am blessed.

Managed to stay OP today...I am glad for that...not up for much planning this evening, so I may "wing it" tomorrow...kind of worries me, but I have been doing all right so far.  My co-workers know about my journey, and support me on it...heck, everyone I work with (there are six of us total) are seriously on some sort of diet or plan!!!

Still taking meds as I should...feeling better.  Sometimes I hate that I have to take the meds to keep me on an even keel...but I have to put my faith in the team I have assembled to help me with my health and well being...physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I am sure I forgot something or someone...but I know we are all working together to get me where I need (want) to be.

Good night friends, don't think I can stay up for the rest of the Cardinals Central Division Playoff game...too late for me tonight...darn west coast games!!!  :0)

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