Wednesday, October 21, 2009

...the best of intentions... well-planned day started off on the wrong foot when I slept in nearly 45 minutes!!! Yikes!!! That means that my well thought out breakfast (1c fresh strawberries and WW chocolate smoothie = 2 fruit/veg and 1 milk!!!) was skipped in favor of 3 pts worth of Goldfish Pretzles and a Diet Dr. Pepper.

Mid-day snack was to be a small apple and string cheese (3 pts total and 1 fruit/veg)...yeah ended up being more Goldfish Pretzels.

Lunch was to be carrots (1c, 1 fruit/veg) and a HUGE salad...would have fit in MORE than all of my fruit/veg. Yeah, ended up eating two Lean Pockets (11 pts. total).

Snack should have been another apple and more carrots. Yeah. Ended up being MORE Goldfish crackers.

Was so hungry on the way home (gee, could it be because I ate JUNK all day?!?!?) that I ended up getting a Cheeseburger Happy Meal. ACK!!! It did not taste good, and cost me precious points. Ick!!!

The only good thing about this is that I have my meals and snacks all ready ready all ready for tomorrow!!! Plus, my choice of a Happy Meal was more favorable than what the "old me" would have ordered...two Big Macs, XL fries and XL Diet Coke...

Gotta set the alarm clock to go off earlier tomorrow...maybe I should go to bed earlier tonight!!! Regardless, I tracked it and moved on...tomorrow is another day...

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