Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Catching Up...Again

I really don't have much to say about the whole "out with the old, in with the new thing.  Yes, a new year is upon us...however, today feels like...just another day.

So much is going on...I am glad to have put 2012 behind me.  I am ready to take 2013 on headfirst.

I go back to work tomorrow after being (mostly) off for eleven days.  I did work one day, but it was such an easy day, it doesn't really count.  :)

Little Man was spoiled rotten this Christmas...and we stayed within a budget.  It was buy him one item that he really, REALLY wanted (WiiU) or several small items.  We opted to get him several smaller items.  Our budget (don't judge) was $350.00...and to be quite honest, I was not all that impressed with what $350 got him!!!

I will post photos soon...my camera is in the other room, more than half dead.

We had a lovely Christmas Eve with my dad's extended family...a quiet Christmas morning with just the three of us {Big Daddy got some bad news...his father passed away Christmas Eve} and had my family over for a Christmas Day late lunch/early dinner.  It was a nice day.  

I have been mastering the art of using the Crock-Pot (again) and working with the food that we have in the pantry (since we don't have a lot of breathing room finance-wise right now).  I have only worn jeans twice in the last two weeks.  I love my yoga pants and my new fuzzy black slippers.

My mom got me a really cute little Disney Dooney and Bourke mini-barrel purse {WDW Retro style} for Christmas and my uncle got me the aforementioned fuzzy black slippers and a gift card to The Childrens Place {it is what I asked for.  seriously}  He also got me Godiva truffles.  Which were gone by 12/26.

Ummm...we had an Elf on the Shelf.  What a disaster.  I should have known.  Little Man wasn't quite ready for it.

New Year's Eve was uneventful.  We watched my nephews.  Again.  Cupcakes and a campout, that is how I roll.

I have taken some time off from my Origami Owl business.  No worries.  Just for the holidays.  My last party was 12/6 (online was 12/8).  I had to deal with shipping deadlines, mixed up orders, missing charms.  I haven't checked my Facebook fan page in about two weeks.  I had to learn when to say no.  My family comes first.  I am amazed at the opportunities that O2 has in store for me.  I will be getting back to the "grind" tomorrow.  Until then, I am enjoying the time relaxing. 

We had to cancel our Christmas trip to Walt Disney World.  Really, REALLY bummed about that.  The timing was all wrong.  All wrong.  Things should be good in 2013 for us to reschedule.  I have my "milestone" birthday this year.  I am SO going to WDW for a few days. 

Big Daddy is looking to get a second job  Seriously.  I don't know how I feel about that.  I hate that it has come to that.  I love my job, and am working a decent amount of hours (about 25-ish a week)...but what is KILLING us is that we now pay insurance.  When Big Daddy and I were both full-time employees at the school district, we paid almost NOTHING for coverage for the family.  Now, Big Daddy has to pay to cover me and Little Man.  It feels like we can't catch up here of late.

We are still {we are ALWAYS} on the fence about moving back to Florida.  A former co-worker has done A LOT of research into schools for us.  I feel that is a sign...that a friend, who I worked with for only four years, has taken the time out of her own life to look into this for us.  A sign we may have to follow.  Again, on the fence.

Little Man is wrestling with the junior club at our high school.  He LOVES it.  He is learning so much.  He isn't very good {yet}...but I have a feeling he will get better the more he works at it.  He {and I, as well} has to realize that we don't master everything 100% the first time we try something.  Luckily, Big Daddy knows people at the high school, and Little Man got a medal at his first tournament.  I am normally not a proponent of "every kid gets an award no matter how they do"...until it is my son who is devastated and in tears because he came in fourth place {out of four wrestlers}.  I cried.  I know I looked like an amateur sports mom.  More on that in another post.

So, that has been my life over the past four-six weeks.  I know I have lagged in the blogging thing, but it is my resolve {again} to get back into it.  I spent my NYE (yes, LAME) reading new "mommy blogs".  It inspired me.  Seriously.  I think it can be theraputic.

{Love to All}

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