Thursday, January 3, 2013

...a hard habit to break... it is another late night...more wrestling practice...more busy-ness...more stuff...

...more naps...

I already broke one {in-my-head} resolution...that I was going to STOP my nap habit.

Bad, bad nap habit.

No, seriously.  It is a UBER bad habit.

I work a "split shift.  I work from 7-830 am...then again from 245-615 pm.  Great for a "stay at home" Mom like myself.  However, Little Man is in school when I am at home, so I still have to *pay* for him to go to out-of-school care. 

I basically sign my paycheck {from the school district} back to the school district.

"Wow, what do you do with ALL of that time from about 9 am to 2 pm???"  You might ask.  Do you clean, organize, volunteer your time, promote one of your *many* business endeavors ???


I sleep.

Yep, because seven-ish hours a night just aren't *quite* enough, I require an additional three-ish hours a day.  In the form of a nap.

It was a habit I never intended to begin.  It just sort of, happened.

It is a habit that I have to break.  It is just a HARD one to break.

Of course, I may be breaking it next week.  I am not certain how well I am going to sleep tonight...seeing as it is almost 1030 pm, and I am *just* finishing up a delicious fountain Diet Mountain Dew.

You see, old habits are hard to break.

{Love to All}

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