Sunday, October 17, 2010

...getting back in the habit...

Getting back into the swing of things.  I am back to trying to blog as often as I can.  I can't promise everyday, but I am going to get better about making an effort to blog.

Today I attended my first Weight Watchers meeting in a couple of months.  I can't say that I am really inspired.  It just has to become habit for me.   My goal this week is to just watch what I am consuming.  I can't say that I am going to make any major changes to what I eat...just watch the portion of what I am eating. 

I have to watch what I am cooking and how I am cooking it.  That will come.  Right now, I have a kitchen full of groceries that need to be eaten.  That being said, I am not inspired to cook.

Yeah.  Still working on the whole depression thing!!!  :)

One day at a time, and results will come. 

Love to All.

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