Thursday, July 22, 2010

...opened my eyes...

Okay, so my last post was Friday the 16th.  That evening started a few days that managed to open my eyes.  That night, a couple of hours after Mike went to bed, he woke up with chest pain and difficulity breathing.  I was still awake, reading a book in bed.  I knew something was not quite right with him, but he was hemming and hawing about calling the doctor, much less going to the emergency room.  I don't waste much time, and we decided to go to the ER.  I had to wake Little Man up and get him out of bed...but that was the least of my concern.  The less than ten minute drive to the hospital seemed to take forever.  They rushed Mike in right away.  The checked him out and hooked him up and ruled out a heart attack.  Thank God.  They still had to figure out what exactly caused the chest pain, so they ran more tests.  Little Man was tired and restless...thank goodness that the nurse assigned to Mike was a father himself.  He raided the hospitals stash of old VHS movies and managed to find a copy of Toy Story 2 for Little Man to watch to pass the time.  Mike still had chest pain and pressure, despite the fact that a heart attack was ruled out.  They kept giving him morphine for the pain.  They were keeping him overnight for observation, we figured that.  We made sure that he was comfortable (as can be) in his room before Little Man and I headed home. It was well after 3am, and we were exhausted.  Little Man slept in my bed with me...more for my comfort than his.  I can't say comfort...he is a kicker!!!  I was so tired, that it did not hit me that my husband was not there. 

Saturday came and Little Man and I went to the hospital to see Mike.  We figured that they would release him, telling him tha the needed to come back for a stress test on Monday.  Nope.  They were keeping him until Monday.  They wanted to make sure that he got the stress test done, and the only way to ensure that was to keep him as a patient.  If they sent him home, it would be considered outpatient and he would not get that stress test done until sometime that week.  Mike was already bored in the hospital, Little Man was already restless visiting his Daddy, and I was freaking out.  Freaking out because this meant I would be alone Saturday and Sunday nights. 

I am normally a strong person, but the nights alone freak me out.

I managed to get through the days okay, muddled through them, really.  I now know what it is like to be a single parent.  I have to hand it to single parents, it is a TOUGH job.  Little Man pushed all of my buttons, and pushed them to the limit!!!  I had to juggle schedules and get him off to school...all without my support system. 

Mike had his stress test and EKG done Monday, along with an ultrasound of his liver.  With all of the bloodwork, they found that his liver enzyme level was high and his magnesium level was they did the ultrasound to be safe rather than sorry.  All came back fine...EXCEPT for the ultrasound!!!  They decided to keep him ANOTHER night!!!  I was going batty!!!  Again, Mike was bored and I ws freaking out.  Little Man was back to his normal schedule, but he missed his Daddy. 

I was able to pick him up Tuesday afternoon, and bring him home.  Thank goodness. 

Through all of this, I realized that I need Mike more than I realize.  I love him more than I realize and I need his support and love more than I realize.  It opened my eyes as to how much he does for me and our family and how much I love him.  I can say that, and know that I always loved him...this just opened my eyes as to how much I really do love him.

Love to All.

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