Friday, July 16, 2010

...trying to waste time...

I am trying to kill a little time...I emptied out my whole closet, and it is not putting itself back together!!!  That is what I am filling my days with right now...tearing the house apart and putting it back together.  It is not really a lot of fun, but needs to be done.  Four years of piling crap on top of crap is finally catching up...and I finally have the time to tackle it.  I don't consider myself, or Mike, a hoarder...but we do have a lot of crap!!!  I am ready to streamline.  Get rid of stuff that we don't need or use.  I am tired of hanging onto it.  It has to go.

Much has happned in the past couple of weeks.  I have not found any kids to take care of, and that bums me out a bit.  What bums me out most is that I went on a job interview last week...a job interview FOR THE SCHOOL DISTRICT.  Yeah.  I did not get the job.  They gave it to someone who has their Masters Degree.  Now tell me, why someone who has their FLIPPING MASTERS would want an $11/hour Attendance Secretary job?!?!?  I feel pretty good about the interview...I was able (via Mike) to follow up with one of the women who interviewed me...and she said that I was among the top candidates.  That is all well and good, but I still did not get the job!!!  I am okay with it, I just did not realize HOW badly I wanted this secretary job. 

Little Man started Kindergarten yesterday, and I feel bad that I don't feel more emotion about it.  Everyone has been calling/texting/emailing me asking how he did and how I did.  How did I do???   I spent the day running errands.  He has been in preschool since he turned three...and he rode a bus as part of his preschool program...SO the first day of Kindergarten was like any other school day.  Of course, he is glad to be back in school and into his routine...and I am thrilled that he loves school so much...BUT I am not getting all weepy about it.

So, that closet still hasn't put itself together...but I plan on wasting a little time on the old computer for awhile.  Hopefully I will come up with something else to write about soon.

Love to All.

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