Wednesday, January 1, 2014

...things have a funny way of falling into place...

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I don't normally make New Years Resolutions.

I break them too quickly.

I do like the thought of setting goals, though.

Something easy, that I can keep up with.

For example, fast food.

Little Man and I eat waaayyy too much fast food.  Like daily.  I don't plan well enough, so we cruise through the drive through at 8:30 at night after wrestling practice.  Or Cub Scouts.  Or PTO.  Or small church group.  Or swim practice.

You get the picture.

Good news...we haven't had fast food since 12.19.13.  I had McDonalds while Little Man's para took him to wrestling practice, then out for pizza.  I was able to finish up some Christmas stuff.  A much needed night "off" for this momma.

I digress.

Little Man was super-sick got the call from school-sick.  Had to pick him up early-sick.  Had to call out of work-sick.  My first day of winter break started a day early.  I am not complaining {unless it messes with my holiday pay, then I'll be hacked}.  Between Little Man being sick {seven whole days, no thanks to our pediatrician!}, the holidays, me getting sick and just general staying-at-home-because-we-can-because-we-are-on-winter-break-for-the-first-real-time-EVER, we haven't hit a drive-thru.

I have been cooking.  Maybe not gourmet meals, but I have been cooking  Using pots and pans.  Using my slow cooker.  Cooking.

My goal, right now is to avoid the 8:30 drive-thru rush.  My goal is to plan, use the slow cooker to my advantage and eat better.  Better.  Not perfect.  I am sure what I am cooking isn't the healthiest, but it is better than McDonalds.  It has to be.

Darn.  I forgot that Chick-fil-A is fast-food.

Maybe every now and then.  Heck, we have gone almost two weeks without maybe once a month won't hurt us.  Moderation.

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I have other goals that I would like to work on.  Saving money {that is a whole other post...I am SUPER excited!}.  Take more photos.  Stress less.  Enjoy more.  WRITE.  Of course, there is always weight loss, but I am not going to concentrate on a program, per se.  More of a watching what I am eating {the no fast-food should help here} and getting a workout in here and there.  Maybe tracking what I am eating...but I am getting WAY ahead of myself right now.


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Baby steps will get me there.  Things might just fall into place.  2013 wasn't a horrible year.  It wasn't a stellar year.  It was what it was.  The nice thing about a new year {or new month, week or DAY for that matter} is that it is a fresh start. A new beginning.  

I have goals for my Origami Owl business {Executive Team Leader, perhaps?!?!?} and my travel business.

Things have a funny way of falling into place.  I am excited.  Progress will be noted.

{Love to All}

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