Friday, January 3, 2014

...just sayin'...

I don't think I have ever, EVER been so infuriated about something on the internet.

I try to take what I read on the internet, especially Facebook, with a grain of salt. 

Tonight, a casual Facebook friend...someone from the Disney community posted a photo of a child {not their own} with a caption reading something about 'how to have a good time on a WDW vacation, throw yourself on the ground and scream at the top of your lungs while your parents watch'.  This person followed that statement with 'is there a test to be a parent yet?'


And that wasn't want infuriated me.

I usually let things like that roll off my back, but I couldn't.

Little Man was the kid that you saw screaming in Target.  No, not because he couldn't have a toy...but because one of the lights in the building was loose, or needed to be changed.

The buzzing from that one light, somewhere in the store drove him mad.

Little Man was the kid that you saw pitching a fit in a restaurant.  No, not because he didn't like his chicken fingers or his broccoli.

There was a string from the waistband of his shorts.  One string.  Rubbing him the wrong way.

I posted something to the effect of 'not that I am condoning the parents standing there and watching, but my son has thrown fits like this.  He has ASD and it is typical of children with Autism'

There were a few agreeing comments, and even ones saying that is typical of ALL children {to which I agreed}.  Even one saying that Disney is overstimulating for everyone, even adults and sometimes they {as adults} wanted to throw themselves on the ground and scream.

Then there was one, posted by someone that got under my skin.  Saying that her 'friend has two autistic sons, one severe and one mild...they would have gotten a hand to the hiney and they wouldn't have pulled that, just sayin' '

Just sayin'


I am not sure what infuriated me more...the fact that this woman, who is not the parent of an Autistic child was judging me {try walking a mile in my shoes, lady!} or the fact that she was downplaying the fact that you really DON'T know the story behind the child's meltdown and you shouldn't judge.

Just sayin'

I replied {probably bitchily} that you ought to give the parents a break.  You have NO idea why the child is throwing the fit, and you don't know how the parents are/will handle it.

Then I said, 'just sayin' '

The amount of judging that others children both on the spectrum and not, amazes me.

I won't lie...before I had Little Man, I was probably a "judger". 

Amazing what having a child on the Spectrum will do to your mindset.

Yes.  Years of therapies have helped Little Man.  He no longer throws massive fits in Target.  He no longer vomits in the Costco toy aisle.  He uses his words and lets me know if something {like a string in his shorts} is bothering him.

I see the kiddos, in Target, Costco, Longhorn, Disney World...I see them throwing fits.  Spoiled brats, sensory processing disorder, Autism...I have no idea.  I just know what it is like to be the parent.  The parent on the other end of those stares.  The other end of those whispers.  The other end of those photos.  I give the kid, and the parents a break.  I give them a knowing smile and I walk on.

By the way, if I EVER find out that someone photographed Little Man while he was having a out.  You don't mess with Mama Bear's cubs.

All I am saying is you don't know what a parent or child is going through.  Give them a little break, and a little credit.

{love to all}

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