Thursday, January 2, 2014 is in the air...

New and exciting things are happening with Origami Owl Custom Jewelry.  I am amazed each and every day about what is happening with this company.

I am so glad I took the leap of faith a year and a half ago and joined.

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For the holidays, we introduced three *Limited Edition* Holiday Charms.  A Snow Globe, Gingerbread Man and Wrapped Presents.

I wish I had ordered more.

I knew they were going to be popular...but I had no idea just HOW popular they would be.  They sold out within days.  My personal favorite is the Snow is actually *rounded*.  Really.  The charms O2 keep introducing are amazing.  Simply amazing.

{have I mentioned that the high heel charms actually STAND?!?!?  Like a tiny little Barbie doll shoe!!!}

I adore it.  Adore!

When I signed on in May of 2012, I thought to myself...'lockets and charms, what more can they come out with?'

Really?  Like I should have worried.

Origami Owl is always coming out with something new and exciting.  Fall of 2012 launched the Tagged collection.  I like it more than I thought I would {again, doubt???  what was I thinking???}  When I attended the first O2 Experience in Phoenix, AZ in July, we Designers waited with baited breath as to what would be announced.  So many new and exciting products were unveiled...but none with more fanfare than the BRACELETS!!!  I love mine, both the dangle bracelet and Link Locket bracelets.

What could be next on the horizon?

How about a HEART SHAPED LOCKET?!?!?

Yep.  A *Limited Edition* Heart Shaped plate, to boot!

Take a close look at that chain...anything interesting or different about it???

Oh, maybe that it is a HEART LINK chain!!!

What little gems of charms will you put inside your new Valentines Day themed locket???

Perhaps one {or three} of the *Limited Edition* Conversation Heart charms.

Or maybe one of the *Limited Edition* Chocolate Covered Strawberry charms, or Box of Chocolate Charms.

New charms, new plates, new dangles, new lockets, new chains.  What will Origami Owl think of next???  I am so excited to be a part of this amazing company.  If you are interested in these items, or any of the amazing items that Origami Owl has to offer, please zip me a message or shoot me a text!  I appreciate everything that Origami Owl has helped provide for me and my family over the last year and a half {that is for another blog post}  I love that I have been able to tell MY story through meaningful pieces of jewelry.  What story will YOU tell???

{love to all}

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