Friday, August 3, 2012

Those Precious Preschool Years

I have discovered why I do so well working with preschoolers.

Yes, I am a kid at heart...but recently, I got the the real "root" as to why I love working with 3-4-5 year olds.

I won't have the opportunity to raise my own preschooler ever again.

And this makes me sad.

In fact, I am tearing up as I type this out.

It has been in my head for awhile, but with the change of the school year, and watching those sweet, precious, new preschoolers come to school for the first time yesterday hit it home.

I have come to grips with the fact that I won't be a new Mommy again.  I am okay with that.  {my OB/GYN seems to hold onto hope, but I think he is crazy}

I don't regret how Little Man spent his preschool years.  I think we ALL learned a lot those three years.  Little Man was officially diagnosed with Asperger's during that time.  We worked hard on therapies for him, and educating ourselves.  I began talking to a therapist.  I worked on a lot personally.  I was diagnosed as bi-polar.

I still stand that I have done a lot on my own.  Not that Big Daddy isn't supportive.  Not that Big Daddy can even HELP it.  He works nights, I work days.  He would take Little Man to therapies and appointments {and still does} and I get got the temper tantrums, frustration and OCD rituals.

Little Man has come far. 

Time flies.  I wish I had cherished his preschool years a little more than I did.

Kids at this age are sweet, caring, curious, smart.  So very, very smart.  They are eager, friendly, creative, trusting, and above all...preschoolers are honest.  The list can go on and on and on.

I just love the excitement these kids have for life.  I love that they give everything their all.  I love that they have enthusiasm for everything.  That being said, by the time they are close to going on to kindergarten some of that *original* excitement and enthusiasm has worn off, but they still have some. 

There is nothing better than a genuine hug and smile from a preschool-aged kid.

Yes, I love the happiness that this age is.  The two years I spent working in preschool were truly amazing.  I hope to go back someday.  My job now, with a special needs kindergartener is incredible, and won't trade the experience for the world. 

I think I get a little sad knowing that I don't have a preschooler of my own, and I won't likely have one again.

I love my Little Man with all of my heart.

I just hope I did all right for him during HIS special years.

Love to All.

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